Snowbird Nationals 2013 Qualifying report!


The qualifying is in! After 4 rounds 1/10 Modified class it is Swedish driver Alexander Hagberg who is fastest with 29 laps in 5:06:437 minutes.

Marc Fischer from Germany also made a great run with 29 laps 5:06:995 minutes, it is only about half a second slower! that is so close!

In third is someone i have never heard of before, Andrew Hardman. His best qualifying run is 29 laps and 5:07:516! Just half a second slower then Fischer! That one got some crazy speed!

In super stock 13.5 class there is actually that guy i didnt know TQ! He have a run of 28 laps 5:02:735 minutes. Close behind him there is Modified casual winner, Keven Hébert with 28 laps and 5:03:098 minutes! love these close runs! And in third, there is actually two people! They have both the same time for qualifying in 28 laps 5:06:841 minutes! Austin Harrison and Italian Francesco Martini.

in 1/12 scale there is the other swedish driver, Magnus Hedlund. Having impressed before Snowbirds, This year isnt really what he wanted i guess. At the moment qualified in 24th position he isnt pleased i think.

Not much from snowbirds, but the end results will be in tomorrow.


In VRC PRO Snowbirds 2013 i didnt have any good runs at all. Wasnt my day today. But at the moment i am 8th in 1/10 stock class. Qualified 5th. But i am 3rd in my own level. So thats good.

But i will be satisfied even if i end up 10th, it is a hard starting field, and some really good drivers ended up in like C or D finals. And they usually placing around top 10 in other events.




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