Ronald Völker Wins ETS Rd.2 with Yokomo BD8!

finally the Yokomo BD8 is proven to be the fastest on the market again and in a dominant manner. This time, with some new option parts where used and will probably be standard in next kit when that gets released!

Some info on the new option parts. 

New RP ULTRA SPRINGS, many people have contacted me about these, i just couldn’t give them answer yet. But finally it seems like they will be released shortly and they seem to perform really good. I have seen Ronald and other team drivers use these springs below most of the time since they appeared the first time.  

The new PCS, PITCH CONTROL SYSTEM is clearly inspired by Xray’s innovative flex system. With this you can change the flex in the car more to your liking and should improve the BD8’s laptimes.   

New RTC SYSTEM, i would say that this system together with the PCS is a winning combo. Limitless adjustsability and can customize exactly to your liking. A must have in my opinion for all BD8/BD7 drivers.  

Some great stuff from Yokomo released and looking forward to next races with these option parts to try out even more!

See you soon!  

REVIEW Yokomo BD7/BD8 Susp. Arms

Today i´m going to review the Extra Hard Suspension Arms and talk about how it changes the car.

These arms fits all BD7&BD8, in the package you get 2 arms, 2 droop screws and 2 rollbar holders you can see in the picture below.



I started with trying standard arms, and they got a soft feel to them, you can hit the curbs and nothing dramatic happens. I felt that the standard arms gave the car a looser feel and but much more manageable in higher speeds and in corners.

BUT! The extra hard arms was great! I got much more confidence in the car, stable car and my laptimes was more consistent than before.

I even beat my personal best laptime by one and a half tenth after changing to these arms, So i have no doubt these arms is a great addition to your toolbox. My average laptimes was also improved very much.

These arms don´t need any sanding or anything like that, they fit right away.


I love them, you should have atleast one pair in your toolbox, and when you feel your car needs some extra speed or consistency, these are a great and cheap option!


You can buy them on the links below or at your local Yokomo dealer.



If you have any other questions, you are welcome to leave a comment!


Testing setups!

I did some testing last sunday, and in my adventure getting faster i am trying different setups. I haven´t tried many setups since i started r/c racing. So i am still learning very much about it!

So here is a setup i used last sunday, average 11.3-4ish. Lap record at this time 11.049

The change was wider front and less toe in rear. this made the car really stable, but slower in average laptimes. maybe becuse of changed pinion from 27 to 26, wich i think 27 fit my drivingstyle better.

EDIT: Standard KIT Carbon chassis!


Project……No name yet!

finally my first pctures of my project!

Well, it looks like any other car part, but remember it is just one part of many i will make!

This is the schocktower mount piece, this is my own design and my goal is to try my own ideas but with some old pars from my Serpent to learn more about what works and what isn’t.

I am so proud to be able to design and manufacture my own parts. I have so many different ideas i wanna try out and finally i can do it.

I will start making a test piece this week or next week! Woohoo!


Latest setup for ERYX 4.0

As you maybe already noticed, i can only try setups once a week. But i am getting closer to something good here!

The car is almost all standard except widen the front with 3.5 suspension brackets. With the standard chassies having much flex, we need to make the car flex less for carpet racing becuse the car apparently is built to run best on asphalt.

So after changing my car closer to Viktor Wilcks setup i tried the LTC-r body, but it seems it makes the whole car twist in a weird way. So i changed bodyshells and small tweaks here and there i could beat my previous laptimes by half a second. That is extreme, just by changing bodyshells.

The bodyshell that worked best was PF Dodge dart, but i also tried the Mazda 6 GX body also with fast laptimes. The Mazda GX was a nice drive with little less grip and really nice feeling. Personally i liked the GX the best, but the dodge had faster laptimes with it. If i am lucky, maybe i can try more one more time before the race 13 february.


I couldnt film this time, but i just tried to understand how a car could change so much just based on the bodyshell, it was so weird for me. But i think becuse of the high grip in the chassies, i just dont need all that downforce and specially not steering becuse it already have so much.

But even before changing bodies, widening the front made a huge difference and decresed the traction roll very much!

until next time!

Finally Serpent ERYX 4.0!

To start off, A big thanks to Klas at for sending me this kit to try out!

Initially, it’s not a big difference from the 3.0 kit, but there are some changes here and there.  

A view of the different bags and carbon parts. I choose to use the 2.25mm carbon chassie and not the aluminium one. According to Klas, he thought the carbon would be better choice to gain more traction overall. I guess we have to test it this weekend already!

Today i have been wrenching away like crazy, And what changes i can see in standard kit is bigger volume shocks. But standard ERYX shocksprings will fit with no problem. 

Standard is regular HARD wishbones, but i got some EXTRA HARD wishbones and installed them right away. Note that these wishbones have a very tight fit into the axles that holds them. They should be this way and dont trim them to move more freely. But you need sligthly smaller spacers between the wishbones and the axle holders. The arms should be able to move free without you needing to take your strength into super saijayin mode!

Otherwise the kit is pretty straight forward and common sense in building touring cars.

The schocks are a dream to build. You dont need to do anything to make everything fit. My choice of oil was Kyosho 450 silicon oil. I did struggle with the rebound on these schocks. I could not get under 40% rebound even if i tried very hard to get 0% rebound. So if anyone have any tips on how to get less rebound, plese leave me a comment!

But i will try this schock setup and some basic setup from petitrc that Marc Fischer have uploaded, he aswell have the Carbon chassies.

Before Friday i will hopefully have a 100% ready car and and i will go more into detail on more things during these coming days!

If you want more ERYX 4.0, keep updated! ;D

Merry christmas and i wish you a happy new year!


i want to wish all my readers a great christmas and many r/c stuff for gifts!

And dont forget, the year of 2016 is creeping up and a new season of amazing racing!

Let’s all start 2016 with much fun and friends!


What an epic weekend!

A great R/C weekend is sadly over 😦

We folks that love r/c demand more action every weekend, but truth to be told, this weekend was epic!

The ETS Series was up and running live and wow, what a race! In modified it was Völker vs Reinhard all weekend while in the shadows Jan Ratheisky brings the hammer for a showdown hard to forget! Taking TQ in both Touring Stock and Formel 1 class! Also driving modified in the B-Final, what a guy!

At this time i myself made a visit to my nearest track for some real life practice and i found my two rivalries Matti and Jonas. They are two super fast dudes and at their hometrack they were really fast! And also determined to beat me next race i January!
Sadly i crashed once and had to change to a spare part, but luckily i have my friend Klas at where i live, he helps me with spare parts for my quite old Serpent car!

I made some setup progress this weekend and the car is really good at the moment. But to get even better, Klas at suggested to change for harder wishbones, so i will try it out next time at this track! Hopefully the car is even better with that! Apparently Viktor Wilck use these extra hard wishbones to get more steering and more rear grip at the same time, something i actually need! 

Thanks again Klas at and Hobbywing for your support! It means alot and i will not disappoint you!