A little break!

hello all! I have been offline for a while. And that is becuse the summer season here in sweden is all about nitro. I don’t drive nitro (yet), so it’s a little boring atm. 

But meanwhile i am thinking if i should buy a stickradio and switch out the wheelradio. We will see!

//have a nice summerbreak!!//


I’m building!

i got thia far at the moment. But now i am trying to find out what servo and batteries i’m going to use. 
Hope to be done soon and put it in track and see how it goes!

// sooooon! 

It’s finally here!

i have waited almost 4 months for this! Finally i can start building and practice close to my home! 

 And of ofcourse it another World Chapionship winning brand, HBracing! A big thanks to Tessmann who put faith in my from the start, and good luck to more success at Xray! This is also my first HB kit, so i’m really excited to get a feel for this! 

Like i said, i have a offroad track about 1km from my house, so it’s really convinient to have a track this close. But i never had a offroad car to practice with on that track. But that will change now!

So, what to come? First i will build the kit, and then i’m going to order some more parts that i don’t have yet. And then i will hopefully be ready for racing! Wish me luck and more to come very soon, season have started now, Wooohoooo!!


Not much, but a lot!

Well, the deadseason is here! When nothing happens for a while. I’m still waiting for my new car to arrive as it’s not in stock at the moment. 

My electrics arrived as you maybe saw a week ago, from Hobbywing!

I’m really hyped about the outdoor season and during the waiting time i will participate in some CS:GO tournaments with my new team. We showed some great performence the time we have played together and it might be a start to something good!

So tomorrow is Tournament day in one of the biggest online tournaments in Sweden.


A new era!

it’s time to start another epic journey!

As newly signed by HBracing, i will start focusing on off-road as well! Wich off-road classes it will be, time will tell! 

Huge thanks to Tessmann who put faith in my skill and got me signed with this legendary team. It’s really a dream come true with all the support i’ve gotten for 2017! I feel very honored to be one of these sponsors team driver and i’m very grateful for the opportunity they give me!

Off-road also gives me more driving time as my closest track is just 2 minutes away, but unfortunetly it’s a dirt track only, and i have been only on-road focused since i started racing r/c cars. So it will be very exciting to get more practice and try more offroad at one of the best offroad tracks Sweden has to offer.


This year, 2017, MK Eskil Sweden is host for the EFRA 1:8 Offroad Euros and Bittydesign Contest and my goal is to attend these races and see how far i can go in offroad.

It will be great year of racing and hopefully i can go to more international races next year! 

//cheers & c u soon!