3D Modeling!

exciting news! Atleast for me haha.  

I finally got my hands on a 3D modeling program called Solidworks. With this i have begun sketching some stuff. But so far nothing is done yet.

What i want to do to my old Serpent is to lower the CG overall. So i made a checklist to do.

  • Completely new chassi design.
  • Redseign motormount making into a smaller piece and motor further in the middle to make better balance left/right
  • Redesign the whole shocktower and shocktower mounts to make lower CG.
  • Lower geardiff, front spool and middle spurgear for lowest CG.
  • Redesign Floating servo.
  • Maybe floating battery mount.
  • Xray T4 low shocks

So thats the work progress so far, next is to measure everything stock, becuse i still use many of the same Serpent parts and holes the stock chassi have!

This wont be any game breaking design in any way, but maybe in the future i am able to make my own cars. But at the moment i need to test what works and what not


For me this is extremely exciting becuse it is one dream ihave developed since i understood i will never be a fast driver, but maybe i can use my head to make better cars then anyone in the far future.

//Need goals in life, if not, you are dead inside//

Building my own cars!

I’m back with the Sanwa M12 in my hands to get down laps online before the real racing starts! The SSIC indoor cup starts on the 5th of November!

So i figured i needed some warming up in my fingers and try to get back that smoothness i practiced to get.  

Now onto the cool stuff! I have gotten myself into a position where i can start building my own car and parts with CNC machines. I will start doing parts for my stock car to test and race with to see if stuff works and have so much fun while doing that!

So i will start posting my own creations in the future and try ny best to describe the difference from stock piece and my own piece.

I can make things like this:

And if i can, i probably will try making one too!

//Milling man signing out!

Why i left Serpent fast as ****!

It’s time for a rant! 

As some might remember i got a completely new Serpent Eryx 4.0. And as you also might know is that i gave that car about 3 months and then i trashed it for a Yokomo bd7 2016.

The car was complete garbage! The car was so bad the pro’s and faster drivers went back to the 3.0 model as much as possible, it’s mind boggling how they release a kit that is worse then the old version. 

Well, in my opinion it was their goal to release a car that was about half a second slower per lap and send the kits with products that didnt make the quality check! Why serpent? Why do this kind of shit to people and your most hardcore brand lovers?

The fact is, Serpent tricked you all, including me. They had the Serpent 4X Project ready the weekend after the Eryx 4.0 was released.   

But hey, lets keep lying to our customers and tell them the kit is meant for outdoor asphalt racing and should be great for 2016 Worlds in china! Yay, that saved our shitty results with the new car!Well guess what, they brought the freaking 4X Project instead! Even they told us since day one it was a carpet car! What the hell serpent, that is so low for a big company and well known brand with great history to do something like this. 

This is not just my opinion, it’s facts! Serpent are tricking you to buy shit kits and laughing their ass off!

To end this rant, i wish you all a great indoor season that is soon to come and have a great time!


No nationals for me :(

becuse of one order for parts didnt arrive in time, i had to cancel what could have been a really good nationals race!

My order got sent back to the sender and that made me cancel på participation😦

At least i can now save euqipment and money for the more important indoor season instead!

Some great things are coming, but dont know yet! But one thing is for sure, this blog will get more active as we get closer to the indoor season in october!


Finally some things happen!

After a month of moving to a new house, i can finally focus on my racing again!

Some big things are in the making and i really look forward too it!

I have been in contact with some great people and maybe we will something life changing here! This will be anounced soon when everything is ready!

My goal so far is Nationals 6-7 August and the major indoor winter cup SSIC and maybe WBC Offroad series ;D

Hopefully i can make another great season like i did this year!

I will update here more and more tips and guides are coming!

See you soon! //Hypernator

Why is E-Sport so popular?

Hello there! It has been a while. Not much happening in the r/c world from my point of view. While i’m aiming for nationals 2016, i came up with an interesting thought. 
Why is E-Sport so popular?  As you might know, E-Sport is a organized event were you compete in computer or console games. These games vary from FPS shooter games to racing cars on the greatest tracks around the world!

The most popular games are by far the FPS shooters and the MOBA’s. Unlike the racing games like Assetto Corsa, they don’t race cars in these games. In the FPS games the have pistol like weapons to shoot a target and try to eliminate the opposing team. It’s common that these teams include 5 players in each team. 

In MOBA’s, the most common theme is a fantasy world with strange creatures wich often have different powers depending of wich race they are from, like fairy’s or witches etc. And the goal is similar to the FPS games were you try to eliminate the other team or try to catch something to gain points.
Now you know a little about the most popular games out there. But still, why is it so popular? I think there is something about supernatural creatures or the fantasy world that humans like. Since the introduction of super heroes with superpowers people have been addicted to reading comics, movies, books etc. We like the mysterys that comes with the unnatural powers described and showed in the games.

I think these things combined in video games makes it more appealing, especially the younger audience, that also want to experience the perfect world were they can control anything they want.


As some games fulfill our needs of fantasy’s and a perfect world, there is another great point to be made in the gaming world, economy.

Like i said before in older posts, VRC PRO is the most convinient and economoly sim out there that’s related to R/C Racing. I myself use it alot to practice and dont need to drive far away.  

There is a great advantage in both practice and economy. Even the F1 and Le Mans racers practice is simulators to keep them sharp and learn new tracks around the world.

I myself have been at the top level of Sim racing and VRC Pro, and being able to practice in such environment that is so close to reality, it really makes you more skilled to a high degree!

This really helps a lot, and many people strive to play the most realistic game out there. Games that are supposed to be realistic are called Simulators. 

Simulators come in different shapes, racing sims, plane sims or helicopter sims. Like i said before, sims are a great way to practice for reality and makes the transition from inexperienced to more experienced. Today simshave a huge part of many peoples lives as their work situation might depend on it.


Games, sims, everything virtual have a great advantage both for professionals and amateurs.

But in 2016, the growth of professionalism in certain games have grown so big that, players get 5 digit salarys or more per year. 

As Esport’s is growing, it get’s more and more mainstream acceptance. This makes it easier for parents to let their kids continue gaming and aim for the top and, maybe, one day a great job. 


Esports have both a economical advantage to reality, and fuels our brains with great fantasy worlds. Or FPS games, wich gives us something to focus on while we have nothing to do.

So we could say that games is great for us, or what do you think? Tell us in the comments section!

P.S sorry for bad english!