One of the greatest model car factory´s in the world offering off-road, on-road and drifitng cars with great quality. This is also my main sponsor and i hope to bring such a legendary brand the results they deserve!



Mibosport is one of europe´s biggest distributor and hobbyshop. They import Yokomo´s great products in to europe with great success at the same time as they have a high profile race series with world champions amongst the attendants. They also sell brands like Hobbywing, LRP, Volante etc. 



Hobbywing makes amazing ESC’s and Electric Motor’s that dominates races all over the world, I also use Hobbywing ESC´s and Motor´s in all my cars with great success.


Reservdelsrc.com is one of Sweden´s best Hobbyshop and they are the distributors of Hobbywing Sweden, with great prices, great service and fast shipping! 




HBRacing is the purest racingbrand you can find winning multiple World Championships the last 10 years, one of the most respected brands in the industry. HB Racing offers only pure racing kits in most offroad and onroad classes.


Jockeli-Painting offers some of the finest paintjobs you can find in Sweden, great quality and low prices! 



VRC PRO is an amazing R/C Simulator for your computer. This amazing practice tool is very recommended to try out and it´s for FREE!!




Swedens biggest R/C forum with over 12.000 members!