My latest, and actually good setup!

Now i have finally bern able to edit a setup sheet.

This setup below have a very soft feeling, but still giving good response and steering.

The track i have tested this on have massive grip and everyone have problems with extreme grip roll here. But this setup has been tested on carpets with less grip and still performs well.

As usual the front bracket mod is in place and it really helps the car in many ways. Please try this out and enjoy a well handling car! 😀

Latest setup for ERYX 4.0

As you maybe already noticed, i can only try setups once a week. But i am getting closer to something good here!

The car is almost all standard except widen the front with 3.5 suspension brackets. With the standard chassies having much flex, we need to make the car flex less for carpet racing becuse the car apparently is built to run best on asphalt.

So after changing my car closer to Viktor Wilcks setup i tried the LTC-r body, but it seems it makes the whole car twist in a weird way. So i changed bodyshells and small tweaks here and there i could beat my previous laptimes by half a second. That is extreme, just by changing bodyshells.

The bodyshell that worked best was PF Dodge dart, but i also tried the Mazda 6 GX body also with fast laptimes. The Mazda GX was a nice drive with little less grip and really nice feeling. Personally i liked the GX the best, but the dodge had faster laptimes with it. If i am lucky, maybe i can try more one more time before the race 13 february.


I couldnt film this time, but i just tried to understand how a car could change so much just based on the bodyshell, it was so weird for me. But i think becuse of the high grip in the chassies, i just dont need all that downforce and specially not steering becuse it already have so much.

But even before changing bodies, widening the front made a huge difference and decresed the traction roll very much!

until next time!

Setup from sundays video!

now i got some spare time over, and i can now post my setup from this sunday when i drove modified second time.

If you drive on very grip track, this setup might give some traction roll, but it doesnt mean it does on every track.

I find this setup VERY easy to drive! Next time i try 450cst in shocks.

waxsjo400cst setup

Viktor wilck ERYX 4.0 Setup

Hey! This below is a setup Viktor Wilck sent me.

He uses 401420 bracket in the front suspension bracket upsidedown with 3.5mm shim between. Apparently this will give the car more width and more stable without loosing any steering.

I wont try this myself at the moment. But maybe in the future.

I will try new things this sunday at the same track and hopefully get about the same laptimes (i wish) as Viktor. Hopefully i can get the car around fast enough!

Keep updated!