All Snows first A-Main finished!

Finally they have run all classes A-Mains!

Yesterday they run another qualifying run, and changed the modified field to Andrew Hardman to start second and marc fischer in third.

Alexander Hagberg is overall TQ at Snowbird nationals 2013!

Also, in this exact minute, Alexander Hagberg take first A-main!

A-Main 1/10 Modified Nr:1 results:

1. A.Hagberg 28/5.00.617

2. M.Fischer 28/5:02.622

3. K.Hebert 28/5:06.827

4. A.Hardman 28/5:06.965

5. M.Haynes 28/5:11.430

6. J.Cyrul 28/5:12.771

7. M.Hudy 27/5:03.846

8. L.Treder 26/5:01.910

9. F.Martini 26/5:04.290

10. P.Lemieux 12/2:23.239

Also A-Main for Super stock 13.5 have run their first final.

It was Andrew Hardman that took TQ and the first main win! But not far behind Keven Hebert was chasing and passing the line in second place just 7 tenths behind! That is pretty even field i gotta say!

Like always the stock classes is the closest.

In third it wasnt F.Martini that took third, probably having some problems he ended up 9th. Instead it was Ray Darroch that took the 3rd place, starting all the way from 6th place he managed to drive through the field.

In 1/12 modified it was M.Fischer that took first final win, with K.Hebert 2nd and Hagberg 3rd! Good day for the Swedish driver!


More to come! keep updated!


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