Ronald Völker Wins ETS Rd.2 with Yokomo BD8!

finally the Yokomo BD8 is proven to be the fastest on the market again and in a dominant manner. This time, with some new option parts where used and will probably be standard in next kit when that gets released!

Some info on the new option parts. 

New RP ULTRA SPRINGS, many people have contacted me about these, i just couldn’t give them answer yet. But finally it seems like they will be released shortly and they seem to perform really good. I have seen Ronald and other team drivers use these springs below most of the time since they appeared the first time.  

The new PCS, PITCH CONTROL SYSTEM is clearly inspired by Xray’s innovative flex system. With this you can change the flex in the car more to your liking and should improve the BD8’s laptimes.   

New RTC SYSTEM, i would say that this system together with the PCS is a winning combo. Limitless adjustsability and can customize exactly to your liking. A must have in my opinion for all BD8/BD7 drivers.  

Some great stuff from Yokomo released and looking forward to next races with these option parts to try out even more!

See you soon!  

3 Reasons to watch R/C Racing in 2017!

I want to start off with saying that i think 2017 will be a explosive year for the r/c world. The silly season isn´t really over yet but sooo many pro driver´s are changing brands and teams! P.S New announcements in this post!

nr.1 Ryan Maifield


Who i´m excited about is Ryan Maifield going over to Yokomo! He is one of the best drivers in the world, but he never won a worlds, YET!

With this addition to Marc Rheinard, Lee Martin and Atsushi Hara, this team will make you turn heads!


Another driver i mentioned, Atsushi Hara. I´m not sure if his deal with Yokomo is official or he is long trerm contracted, but without a doubt he will be a contender at the ongoing Reedy Race of Champions this weekend.


Yokomo team seems ready!

Nr.2 Marc Rheinard, What team will he join? I heard rumours he used Awesomatix at The Charity Race in Italy, but i also heard he built a SMJ at DHI CUP 2017. He is to look out for as he beat Ronald Völker the first time in a long time now with a new car!

Nr.3 Just awesome racing! I mean, r/c racing is one of the most eventful racing category you can find! much action all the time and many times really funny things happen as well. I consider r/c racing as my number 1 choice when it comes to entertainment value in all racing categories.

What do you think?

I myself will be practicing at my nearest track this sunday to try get more out of my car for upcoming races. I still have some more things to test and see what makes my yokomo faster. at the moment i am like 1 or 2 tenths behind, but i think i can close that distance soon!

Also some other news, i have some future surprises regarding my racing career, the website getting an own domain name and more youtube content! Stay TUNED FOR THAT!

See you soon!

Setup ETS Carpet Hässleholm

Car was really fast whole weekend, this setup was by far the fasetest i ever had! what i changed to get faster laptimes was only to change the width in the front, i recomend this etup for modified as i think it will be really hard to drive in stock with! enjoy!





Testing setups!

I did some testing last sunday, and in my adventure getting faster i am trying different setups. I haven´t tried many setups since i started r/c racing. So i am still learning very much about it!

So here is a setup i used last sunday, average 11.3-4ish. Lap record at this time 11.049

The change was wider front and less toe in rear. this made the car really stable, but slower in average laptimes. maybe becuse of changed pinion from 27 to 26, wich i think 27 fit my drivingstyle better.

EDIT: Standard KIT Carbon chassis!


Project……No name yet!

finally my first pctures of my project!

Well, it looks like any other car part, but remember it is just one part of many i will make!

This is the schocktower mount piece, this is my own design and my goal is to try my own ideas but with some old pars from my Serpent to learn more about what works and what isn’t.

I am so proud to be able to design and manufacture my own parts. I have so many different ideas i wanna try out and finally i can do it.

I will start making a test piece this week or next week! Woohoo!


3D Modeling!

exciting news! Atleast for me haha.  

I finally got my hands on a 3D modeling program called Solidworks. With this i have begun sketching some stuff. But so far nothing is done yet.

What i want to do to my old Serpent is to lower the CG overall. So i made a checklist to do.

  • Completely new chassi design.
  • Redseign motormount making into a smaller piece and motor further in the middle to make better balance left/right
  • Redesign the whole shocktower and shocktower mounts to make lower CG.
  • Lower geardiff, front spool and middle spurgear for lowest CG.
  • Redesign Floating servo.
  • Maybe floating battery mount.
  • Xray T4 low shocks

So thats the work progress so far, next is to measure everything stock, becuse i still use many of the same Serpent parts and holes the stock chassi have!

This wont be any game breaking design in any way, but maybe in the future i am able to make my own cars. But at the moment i need to test what works and what not


For me this is extremely exciting becuse it is one dream ihave developed since i understood i will never be a fast driver, but maybe i can use my head to make better cars then anyone in the far future.

//Need goals in life, if not, you are dead inside//

Building my own cars!

I’m back with the Sanwa M12 in my hands to get down laps online before the real racing starts! The SSIC indoor cup starts on the 5th of November!

So i figured i needed some warming up in my fingers and try to get back that smoothness i practiced to get.  

Now onto the cool stuff! I have gotten myself into a position where i can start building my own car and parts with CNC machines. I will start doing parts for my stock car to test and race with to see if stuff works and have so much fun while doing that!

So i will start posting my own creations in the future and try ny best to describe the difference from stock piece and my own piece.

I can make things like this:

And if i can, i probably will try making one too!

//Milling man signing out!

No nationals for me :(

becuse of one order for parts didnt arrive in time, i had to cancel what could have been a really good nationals race!

My order got sent back to the sender and that made me cancel på participation 😦

At least i can now save euqipment and money for the more important indoor season instead!

Some great things are coming, but dont know yet! But one thing is for sure, this blog will get more active as we get closer to the indoor season in october!


Finally some things happen!

After a month of moving to a new house, i can finally focus on my racing again!

Some big things are in the making and i really look forward too it!

I have been in contact with some great people and maybe we will something life changing here! This will be anounced soon when everything is ready!

My goal so far is Nationals 6-7 August and the major indoor winter cup SSIC and maybe WBC Offroad series ;D

Hopefully i can make another great season like i did this year!

I will update here more and more tips and guides are coming!

See you soon! //Hypernator