Ronald Völker Wins ETS Rd.2 with Yokomo BD8!

finally the Yokomo BD8 is proven to be the fastest on the market again and in a dominant manner. This time, with some new option parts where used and will probably be standard in next kit when that gets released!

Some info on the new option parts. 

New RP ULTRA SPRINGS, many people have contacted me about these, i just couldn’t give them answer yet. But finally it seems like they will be released shortly and they seem to perform really good. I have seen Ronald and other team drivers use these springs below most of the time since they appeared the first time.  

The new PCS, PITCH CONTROL SYSTEM is clearly inspired by Xray’s innovative flex system. With this you can change the flex in the car more to your liking and should improve the BD8’s laptimes.   

New RTC SYSTEM, i would say that this system together with the PCS is a winning combo. Limitless adjustsability and can customize exactly to your liking. A must have in my opinion for all BD8/BD7 drivers.  

Some great stuff from Yokomo released and looking forward to next races with these option parts to try out even more!

See you soon!  

REVIEW Yokomo BD7/BD8 Susp. Arms

Today i´m going to review the Extra Hard Suspension Arms and talk about how it changes the car.

These arms fits all BD7&BD8, in the package you get 2 arms, 2 droop screws and 2 rollbar holders you can see in the picture below.



I started with trying standard arms, and they got a soft feel to them, you can hit the curbs and nothing dramatic happens. I felt that the standard arms gave the car a looser feel and but much more manageable in higher speeds and in corners.

BUT! The extra hard arms was great! I got much more confidence in the car, stable car and my laptimes was more consistent than before.

I even beat my personal best laptime by one and a half tenth after changing to these arms, So i have no doubt these arms is a great addition to your toolbox. My average laptimes was also improved very much.

These arms don´t need any sanding or anything like that, they fit right away.


I love them, you should have atleast one pair in your toolbox, and when you feel your car needs some extra speed or consistency, these are a great and cheap option!


You can buy them on the links below or at your local Yokomo dealer.



If you have any other questions, you are welcome to leave a comment!


Sanwa SRG-BLS Ver.2 Review!

So, here it is, the latest review by me. This time it is another beast of equipment that has taken the industry by storm!

Sanwa SRG-BLS Ver.2 is on paper not greater then other servos on the market, but it have some things that others dont have that makes it very good!


There is a special feature in Sanwa’s products called SSR. 

SSR is a mode in the latest products from Sanwa that makes the connection between transmitter-receiver and Servo or ESC to perform amazing response time, making your model feel amazingly connected to you and your input.

This makes your driving very smooth, less twitchy, neutral and natural! I myself felt a huge improvement going from Savöx to Sanwas servo. 


Many pro drivers use this servo or very sinilar to it. And that is not becuse they are sponsored, it’s becuse it is the best euiqipment out there and you need it to stay competative on the highest level. Dont forget that racing cars have always been a material sport, and what you drive make you a winner or a looser on that level of competition.

I use SRG-BLS Ver.2 in my modified car, and from using Savöx best performing servo, i will probably never go back to Savöx.

But, there are other brands that can use this SSR mode, one of them is Highest Servos. So this mode isnt exclusive to Sanwa.


PLUS ++++ You should only buy this Servo if you already own a Sanwa transmitter and receiver that can use SSR mode. If not, this servo will perform as good as any other servos out there.

Price: +++ It was pricy, but i dont regret it after testing it the first time.

Feeling: +++++ I have never felt this connected to a r/c car. It was an amazing experience and cant wait to drive more. With other servos i had to turn up steering expo to about -15 to get better feeling, otherwise it was too twitchy for me. It actually became more fun to drive to drive with this new servo!

Economy: + Now, i can be wrong here. But before i order this servo, i searched google like a crazy person. But i could not find any spareparts specially for Ver.2. I could find shop that sold spares for Ver.1, but i am not sure if it contains the same gears inside as Ver.2 

So my low rating on this is motivated by lack of spares anywhere i can find.

I am really satisfied with it, and i will only drive servos that can handle SSR from now on!

Strongly recomend it, but be aware if you cant find spares, try to use composite steering arms to prevent breaking the gears inside!

Extra hard wishbones V2!?

I got the opportunity to try these v2 wishbones on my older s411 car, and after a chat with Klas at he suggested i give them a try.

At first they gave me way to much grip for my liking, i wanted a looser rear end. But these made so much grip on second run that i even grip rolled! Wich for me is very new! I was stunned, how can it produce so much grip?

So i had to change a few things on my car, not much, but a little here and there to fine tune it. But after a couple of horrible test runs,that was terrible, i could finally settle on one setup i liked somewhat!

Here is a video of my car more settled and no grip rolls!

The extra hard wishbones front/rear produced way more grip then the hard ones. More steering, more rear grip and the car corners more flat then before. The car feels very stable at high speed, but can feel a little twitchy at times.

Despite this track being much smaller and grippy, i think this setup will help me on other tracks where i actually had trouble finding reasonable grip.

So now you know all Serpent fans out there, if you have a s411 with bad grip, try these: Serpent Wishbones V2 !

Reflecting on VRC-PRO as a simulator.

well, to be honest it goes pretty well despite my lack of practice in the virtual world!

But one thing i have noticed quite recently, is that vrc pro doesnt reflect real world performence. Dont get me wrong here, vrc pro is a perfect place to master the control of the rc car becuse vrc pro dont allow any mistakes in your racing lines. 

If you miss your line, you will with 90% flip over and lose a lot of time! But in the real world you can make mistakes, but still be on your wheels, or even benefit from it in some cases!

This simulator is restrictive in many ways for example setup. You just cant setup the car exactly you like, you will hit problems like overhating that leads to cut-off and other problems that might relate to your driving style!

For me, my driving style is very full on attack and not very precision based, and i have noticed that in real world it works really well becuse i can just fend off my mistake and still work atound it. As shown in my previous races it actually works. But in vrc pro, a driver with extreme precision and mistake free driving will win almost every time.

I know a driver that have that driving style where you almost benefit from your mistakes and also drive vrc pro, David Ronnefalk.

David have this unique style in reality where it looks like he makes mistakes some laps or just hit different lines through a corner. Thats just his way of driving and it is very effective! But, in vrc pro, its very hard to convert his amazingly cool driving style effective in the game. Dont get me wrong, he is extremely talented, but this is the reality of this virtual world.

So really, if you have this type of driving, i guess real world r/c is your way to drive to your fullest potential! Vrc pro still might be a great tool to work on the lines and to perfect you precision even more anyway! 

Sanwa M12 review!

Hello everyone!

Thought I’d give myself into unknown territory, to write a review!

The chosen one is Sanwa / Airtronics recent newcomer M12.
It is available to purchase for 3.895kr (about 550$usd) in Sweden.

This is Sanwas latest and will be a start of a new generation of transmitters.

I went and picked up the transmitter and was a little odd, the package weighed barely anything. So i had a little peek to see if there was something in!There was.

If you’re familiar with The “Beast Sanwa M11”, it is a bit heavier!


Nice design on the box transmitter sent in.


The first layer is the manual and some stickers.


Second layer is those different setting adapters included. More on that later.


Senpai M12. (Senpai in Japanese means “older, bigger, more experienced”)


Now it is completely standard out of the box.


Here are those adapters and settings that follow.

With these, you can adjust the angle of the steering wheel, move the throttle lever sideways, larger steeringwheel, thicker handle and the tiny RX-471 receiver.

RX-471 receiver does not support telemetry, but if you want telemetry measuring temperatures so it’s RX-461 receiver you’ll get. The transmitter is the same for both variants.

The first thing I did was to remove the wheel and rotate it away from me with dropdown adapter. Very easy to do and everything feels very well thought out.
What you need to drop down the mod are:
Phillips screwdriver.
2nd one 7.0mm nut driver.
Follow all instructions in the manual.

The transmitter has infinite settings to suit everyone and everything is well thought out and built.
So it’s only time until you get what you want.

Tech Talk!
The transmitter has a built-in 2.4 GHz module, the antenna is not visible.
The module has a response time of 0.09milliseconds! Response time refers to how long it takes for the transmitter to send their signals to the receiver that sits in the car.

For some this may be too fast or too sensitive. For some it might be perfect.

The menus are easy to understand. However, it is very many menus to learn. But with time, you learn.

The exterior!
In the menu you scroll your way around on a wheel, on this wheel you can press ENTER. As a computer mouse scroller.

Steering wheel foam is very comfortable and easy to grip.
The throttle lever is a bit wider than its predecessor, the M11, but it is much more comfortable. You get a firmer feel. They have also made it less fit for the finger better.
The weight of the transmitter is very balanced and rests very comfortably in the hand.

And the weight is very low.



Price: + + +
The price is quite juicy, but you really get what you pay for!

Feeling: + + + + +
The response time makes the driving experience something unique. It feels like you’ve missed something in the past. You feel one with the car really.

Economy: + + + + +
Battery life is really good, it lasts a long time. Requires only 4 AA batteries!

Adjustments: + + + + +
You can adjust everything!

HORSE: + + + + +
The transmitter contains 0% horse.

Battery holder: — —
It’s much harder to get on the cover than most transmitters out there.
The battery is located and rattles when it is properly set in the battery holder.

I’m super happy with my purchase, and it’s probably the best transmitter anyone can get in a few years. I recommend it highly to everyone! The feeling is something completely unique and wonderful.

Thanks for me and hope you liked my review!