David Ronnefalk at VRC PRO Worlds 2016!


2016 IFMAR World Champion David Ronnefalk has confirmed that he will participate in the 2016 VRC Worlds for nitro and electric 1:8 scale buggies which will be held last 3 weeks of 2016. The VRC Worlds will be held on the new virtual World Championship Las Vegas track. This new off-road track will be released shortly before the Worlds!.

With the help and advice of David we are sure to make the Las Vegas track a true replica of the real track. It would be truly historic if David could also capture the Virtual Worlds title in the same year, and on the same track!

You are all invited to take up the challenge and race with David for the 2016 title. This is your chance to race with AND against David on the same track where he convincingly won the IFMAR Worlds this year!


As always, VRC PRO is such a great practice tool! High level of racers and you can compete every week or like i do, use the races as practice for real events!

I can recommend everyone to try VRC PRO!

I guess i found why i’m not cosistent?


i was cruising around yesterday on vrc pro and wondered why i am less cosistent then my competators. 

I just couldnt find a feeling, especially for the throttle. And i think i have a smaller issue in reality with my Serpent s411 also with the feeling of the car. But way more in vrc pro i find it very difficult to have a good throttle control.

But today, i think i found one possible answer, and that is that i haven’t turned on the highest setting SHR or SSR(sanwa super response) for servo and ESC. 

I found this becuse i just got a new receiver ,rx471, and read the instruction manual again. I realised that, when i got my Sanwa m12 i didnt own any brushless or sanwa servo/ESC. So i didnt turn this SHR on. But now when i tried it in the simulator it actually felt more real even my car is quite much analog in reality.

But, i activate this SHR and it felt more natural, i could be cosistent and even faster then before! It was amazing! I am still pretty new to all these new things since i drove rc last time!

So much to learn! But hey, i love it tho!


Reflecting on VRC-PRO as a simulator.

well, to be honest it goes pretty well despite my lack of practice in the virtual world!

But one thing i have noticed quite recently, is that vrc pro doesnt reflect real world performence. Dont get me wrong here, vrc pro is a perfect place to master the control of the rc car becuse vrc pro dont allow any mistakes in your racing lines. 

If you miss your line, you will with 90% flip over and lose a lot of time! But in the real world you can make mistakes, but still be on your wheels, or even benefit from it in some cases!

This simulator is restrictive in many ways for example setup. You just cant setup the car exactly you like, you will hit problems like overhating that leads to cut-off and other problems that might relate to your driving style!

For me, my driving style is very full on attack and not very precision based, and i have noticed that in real world it works really well becuse i can just fend off my mistake and still work atound it. As shown in my previous races it actually works. But in vrc pro, a driver with extreme precision and mistake free driving will win almost every time.

I know a driver that have that driving style where you almost benefit from your mistakes and also drive vrc pro, David Ronnefalk.

David have this unique style in reality where it looks like he makes mistakes some laps or just hit different lines through a corner. Thats just his way of driving and it is very effective! But, in vrc pro, its very hard to convert his amazingly cool driving style effective in the game. Dont get me wrong, he is extremely talented, but this is the reality of this virtual world.

So really, if you have this type of driving, i guess real world r/c is your way to drive to your fullest potential! Vrc pro still might be a great tool to work on the lines and to perfect you precision even more anyway! 

I am ready for a comeback online and on track!

hello to everyone that still visit this website! To my surprise, there are many of you. Big thanks!

Now, i haven’t raced a rc car since early 2013 and i have decided i will start racing again. For the people that belive in me and becuse of all fun it is!

I didnt think i would consider to race again for many more years forward until my fiancée said i should start racing again. She had a good point to why, and i agreed. 

I can’t tell you when, but i have a plan and a goal how to get going again.

Until then, i will keep my racing online at VRC Pro and practice as much i can!


Rc-stars.com , My new project!

Hello everyone!

I have been very busy making one of my dreams come true!

For the past weeks i have worked on this, and now i find it quite done to be announced to the world!

It is one very unique r/c news website, offering English and Swedish language. And both language offrer different news. The english version is WOrl news, and the Swedish only for swedish news and other things.

be sure to visit rc-stars (link removed, website shut down. Copyrigths reserved rc-stars.com)


Please support my dream!

//Thank you!

Blog: Practice and VRC pro 2nd!

Hey all!

Tomorrow i will have a small trip to Hawaii and……………Naauw, I will have a trip to a place called Skillingaryd in Sweden. No tropical heat here……..But we have! no, we dont………

Well, i havent practiced since January. And last time was 1/10 2wd buggy. I feel i have to practice offroad more becuse i have driven offroad just 3 times. But last time i drove i felt more confident going into the jumps.

I am mainly a onroad racer, but with lack of onroad tracks nearby. My only choice was offroad.

I also have practiced VRC Pro, And i have already 2 third positions and 1 second. I have been racing against world champions and european elite drivers and champions. They are crazy fast! But, hey, it is really a good training tool!



I will try make my girlfriend film some driving tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well hehe. She will be driving also, so she might not film hehe.

Until then, Bye!

Qualifying of VRC Winternats!

Hey all!

I was busy a couple a days. But now i am back!

Right now it is a HOT race going on! VRC Winternats 2013!

VRC Winternats have been going on for 9 seasons and are more or less a legendary VRC race with all the best from all over the world.

Qualifying is going on and this is how it looks like right now.

André Fossto Östlund(me) is the TQ man with 21 Laps in 5:08:336 minutes.

Behind me it is Aussie driver Aaron Lee with 21 laps in 5:10:614.

In third place Christian Prohaska from Austria with 20 laps in 5:01:328.

Really happy with TQ! Finals will be this weekend! So stay tuned for more results!

More to come in the weekend!



Practice, practice and more practice!

Today everything was about practice.

Practice VRC, practice cooking, practice wake up in the morning!
Much to practice!

On Friday, Winternats VRC Masters 2013 will start its practice rounds. Iam really excited and will post here some results when i have done couple of laps!

The track is Fort Myers Raceway, i think the track will be fun too try out! Starting tomorrow!


See you tomorrow!


Masami Hirosaka story!

This is a story about the fastest r/c racing driver ever! Masami Hirosaka

Very nice video and it gives you inspiration! Atleast i get a good feeling while watching this.

One of the things is that i recognize myself. espacially in where he simulates the race while going to sleep.

And yesterday, wow am i impressed by my fans! I got 3.279 visitors in one day! Thank you everyone so much for so much support and reading my sillyness!


So see you tommorrow!