Results are in!

Vrc pro’s Snowbird nationals 2013 qualifying have ended!
The classes was 1/10 modified, 1/10 13.5 super stock and 1/12 10.5 blinky.

I attended all classes, but didnt spend enough time for 1/12 and 1/10 mod.

My own qualifying results is
15th in 1/12
21st in 1/10 modified
5th in 1/10 stock.

We were 163 in super stock class. So being 5th i am extremely pleased with!
In the first rounds it was me and 2011 IFMAR largescale world champion Guillame Solon fighting for the positions! But he made amistake and i won!

So until sunday it is main finals, 2 best out of 3.

Full results here
1/10 super stock|1/10 mod|1/12 blinky|
In real Snowbird nationals in Florida, there is alot going on!
They have a bad connection at the moment, but what i hear it is Swedens Alexander Hagberg that is top driver right now!

More to come!
Check in tomorrow!




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