Final snowbirds 2013 results!

Alexander Hagberg, the Swedish Team Xray driver once again took the victory at Snowbird Nationals. But he had fast Fisher behind him chasing all the 3 finals.
Keven Hebert took third, qualifying just 4th he managed to drive through the field.

Final results 1/10 modified

1. Alexander Hagberg + TQ
2. Marc Fisher
3. Kevin Hebert
4. Andrew Hardman
5. Mike Haynes
6. Josh Cyrul
7. Martin Hudy
8. Lars Treder
9. Francesco Martini
10. Paul Lemieux

In 13.5 stock it was Andrew Hardman passing the line with a TQ and win!

17.5 stock Eric Anderson is the winner here!

In 1/12 modified Marc Fisher is a superstar! Take TQ and win for Serpent. Second was Keven Hebert and third Alexander Hagberg.

A good day for the top guys!

VRC Snowbirds 2013 stock results can be found HERE

I ended up 8th! Really happy about that reasult!




Thank you everyone for visit my blog. Yesterday i broke my record for visitors per day with 500 more!

See you soon!


Congratulations Alexander Hagberg!

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