2016, A fantastic year!

Wow, what a year it has been! 

2016 has brought me:

  • Become SSIC 2015/2016 Series Champion
  • SSIC 2015/2016 Best debuting driver
  • Started 2016/2017 Season driving Modified class for the first time
  • End up 5th in my first modified race&4th in my second race featuring world class driver Viktor Wilck
  • 4th VRC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 1/12 Stock Class
  • Opportunity to produce my first prototype parts for my 1/10 touring car

For me, this is huge! I’m getting faster everytime and that makes me happy that i can still do some amazing stuff like i could do when i was still a kid!

I also want to thank every sponsor and supporter that have helped me this year advancing so fast forward and competeing with the fastest drivers in Sweden!

Thank’s again everyone! I can’t thank enough for everything!

//2017, here i come!!

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