The F1 class!

i have been thinking alot lately to expand my garage with a 1/10 F1 car. 

I am really happy with my Yokomo’s and next car will also be a Yokomo. So hopefully next season i will start racing the F1 class also!  

With legendary Masami Hirosaka helping develop this car it should be a rocket! But my only concern is, will ETS or other series change esc/motor to next season? 

I think these cars are really cool and they seem fun to drive and easy maintenance. I would like to drive 1/12 also, but i don’t own a tire truer and 1/12 class interest is a little smaller in my area at the moment. But i hope that class will grow as well. More and more have been getting 1/12 cars, they are cheap, fast and also low maintenance.  

Last year F1 class was a success! I think it was the biggest class in SSIC Championship 2015/2016 season. We had some great racers visiting us like ETS Winner David Ehrbar who won with just couple of tenths over SSIC Champion Thomas Andersson with his Tamiya/Prototype.

What do you think about the F1 class?


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