Sweden on the r/c map!

You probably already knew that David Ronnefalk won the 1/8OR IFMAR World Championship 2016 couple a days ago.

What amazing drive and what a great journey he made to fulfill all his dreams in this sport! He even made his goals in the order he said he wanted too.

1. Become Kyosho Team driver

2. Become full-time driver

3. World Champion

He have the talent to belive in himself, but also knew hard work would make his goals come true. By having this mentality he is today World Champion at 21 years of age!  


His amazing World Championship win should make a difference in Swedish r/c? Well, i think yes! Let me explain.

I think that his WC win will open the doors for other Swedish racers and have a easier time getting sponsors and make the industry priotize even more on the Swedish market. 

Sweden now have 2 World Champions. The last 4 years and we also have several top runners at big races as well!

The way i want and hope the industry will react by these great drivers results coming from Sweden, is to give them more support when it comes to sponsorship mainly!

Give them travel awards, for example if they finish top 5 at nationals they will get the trip paid for a ETS or EOS Race. Give them a carrot, something to work for, they are young and maybe need that little push to get out on the track and race!

Some kids dont even care for r/c anymore, as PC games are easier to just start and play your harts out, and MAYBE become a esport star earning millions.

Well, this argument is not only for Swedish market, but other countrys as well, who keep raising young talents, but no rewards!

//Congrats David!

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