Project……No name yet!

finally my first pctures of my project!

Well, it looks like any other car part, but remember it is just one part of many i will make!

This is the schocktower mount piece, this is my own design and my goal is to try my own ideas but with some old pars from my Serpent to learn more about what works and what isn’t.

I am so proud to be able to design and manufacture my own parts. I have so many different ideas i wanna try out and finally i can do it.

I will start making a test piece this week or next week! Woohoo!


3 thoughts on “Project……No name yet!

  1. Hi there! Which Cnc Router are you gonna use for your parts? I want to start doing the same thing for me:) Thanks alot.

    • Hello! I will use a HAAS CNC industrial machine, i don’t own a router. But i will show later how i am doing this when i am done with a part that fits! To be continued 😀

      • Cool, but its the top end of the industrial cncs 😀 I am trying to find a suitable desktop cnc for the tolerances we achive in those parts.

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