Easter madness and VRC PRO, yeeeh!

I haven’t eaten any eggs…..very true story, and some other shenanigans are in the making here in Sweden. I am making a race winning witch spell that will make something new happen! I will announce when this new THING is here, and maybe YOU won’t like it. But i think i will 😀 hehe


Other news is that i have finally tried my Xray XB4 4wd outdoors and it was very fun until i broke my wheel off the axle!

I tried a indoor setup and small changes made it driveable for now, but it was very bumpy and the car was weird taking jumps and stuff. My first experience outdoors was special, hard to tell wich way the car would jump and turn. Hopefully a new setup will change alot of things!


Very much offroad right now, not sure if i like it as much as onroad. But i did have some great practice online on VRC PRO, and i drove 1/10 4wd ShortCourse and 1/8 El Buggy.

Qualification round 1/8 El buggy
As you can see i lost to a fellow countryman, but i did beat a very talented and well known offroad racer, Patrick Hofer!
I had a good run, but suddenly i make a mistake, wich is common for offroad what i understand. I dont like mistakes, but sometimes you just cant avoid those small bobbles.

So 5th in 1/8 El Buggy and 10th in 1/10 4wd SC. What i did notice while driving 1/8 and then going to 1/10 is that 1/10 was so much more harder to drive and even cutting seconds of a laptime was all down to your lines in corners and jumps. So thats something i will try to practice at my new hometrack.


So to end this easter, i will leave this here……


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