NEOBuggy 2016!

At the same time as real world race, there is a virtual one.

VRC Pro just released NeoX track and celebrating the weekends party! I will attend this virtual race and try my best to land a top 10 finish atleast.

I put a couple of laps yesterday, and managed to get ok laptimes right away even tho i am not mainly a offroad racer. But this practice helps for upcoming summer driving on my new hometrack for sure!


Other good news is i have been alot faster since i shifted from having a smaller wheel on my transmitter to the bigger one. I can be so much smoother with the bigger wheel that i am actually putting in laprecords on some tracks, before i could just dream about it!

At the moment i am challenging extremely talented teenagers, so this change looks good!

1/10 Electric Truck Mod  1/10 Electric Touring Mod 

 1/10 Electric Touring Mod Steam Series  
Very talented drivers in this simulator and some are professional drivers, so it’s very hard competition!

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