2nd test with ERYX 4.0

Finally the day i have waited for since last weekend! 

I could try many things such as thinner oil, yokomo blue springs, lower fdr for easier drive, different bodyshells, drilled shock caps etc.

To my surprise the car was very easy to drive just going from 29 pinion to 33 pinion for my hobbywing v10 5.5T motor. The eryx performed very well with laptimes close to the laprecord by Viktor Wilck.

I could perform consistent and the car is very good. But what i can feel since last time is that this car work the tires really hard and they overheat quite easy. If it is the car or the tires that are wrong, i dont know. But i need to figure that out somehow. 

My setup i will post during the week, i need to fill a setup sheet on the computer becuse i can’t on the phone hehe.

This is the video of the setup and hopefully you can see how the car turns, it is quite a soft setup, but it seems to work best with ltc-r, it grip rolls with dodge dart bodyshell.

More next time and hopefully a better handling car and i will try to get a 5min run someday! 😀

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