Dreams do come true!

Since i was a little boy, i dreamed of being the greatest racing driver in the world, like many of us!

But like most of us the money or sponsorship wasn’t there for you and you had to give up your dream.

But there was a option, r/c racing! The first time i saw a r/c car was when i were 11 years old. These cars were so cool, and the speed was out of this world! Since then i have always wanted to be a great r/c racer.

2017 it finally came true! And now i’m here, living couple of steps closer to my childhood dream! I am so thankful to all cheers, all laughs and everything r/c brings me! 

So to everyone out there, the time comes for you too, as long as you want it to happen! For me it’s many steps more, but i am happy to finally be closer!  

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