Karlstad MSEC CUP 2012!

Hey all!

This weekend i went to a place called Karlstad in northern Sweden. Here it is very cozy and cold, also know for Swedish Rally!

Anyway, i took a trip here for racing 1:10th scale onroad.

Last time i drove was over a year, but i managed to put in some practice laps before this event last sunday.

Going up at 6 in the morning, drive to the track. I feel the excitement getting in the car, and looking forward to my first race for a long time!

Coming to the track i get a great atmosphare and racing hungry people! I ran a standard setup from last time i drove the car for my first controlled practice.

Practice 1: First was very slippery and my setup didnt work well. Also old tires didnt help at all. So i had to change it. But i managed to win my heat. But the first laps was very hard becuse lack of training before this race. But i advanced for every lap and felt more confident. a year away isnt ideal hehe.

Practice 2: Put on a new set tires and tried it. It was much better, but way to much steering. So the car was hard to drive. This time i was getting better laptimes atleast.

Qualifying 1: Still on new set of tires i didnt change much, I changed the esc a little trying to give it more punch becuse the heat in the motor was very low. tried the same setup hoping for the grip in the carpet to get up. it didnt. But i managed to qualify for 10th place and. Happy i am i know i need to improve my cars handling. Also my driving alot.

Qualy 2: For this qualy i actually changed alot. My cars weight was to high so i lightened it 20grams, and moved around the weight distribution to get better balance, also removed rear anti-roll bar and newer tires rear and old ones in front. And it actually worked!

Setting good laps i managed to qualy 9th!

Qualy 3: Last qualy and i knew i had to well. also i knew i had a car i felt quite comfortable with and could push hard, but not to hard. But lacking experience setup wise i didnt know what to do for better car handling.

Only thing i improved this qualy was my driving. And it showed in the results. I qualified 8th overall. And happy with that! being away for so long i could still do pretty ok results. But not to good either haha.

This means i am top 8 and in the A-Final.

Final 1: Setup still the same and i only changed ESC a little. But showed it didnt work to well anyway. But a little better. Ended up 8th here and didnt really show anything and didnt either do anything good hehe.

Final 2: Setup same, Also ended 8th here. But i felt more and more confident with driving my car and driving at a new track. Feeling i get up the pace after a year i feel i am getting it back a little.

Final 3: This final went ok driving wise, but not reault wise. Made alot of mistakes and could end up better then i did. But i tried to always push hard. and sometimes to hard. ended up in 7th place this final i had some pretty good laps while i didnt do any mistakes. I managed to pace the leader and stay behind him for couple laps. But the second place man was coming closer so i had to let him go through. Happy to feel i am getting some skills back i feel confident to try getting my driving going again.

Feeling good after this race, i was still happy to end up 8th overall. I got my skills back a little and a great experience in Karlstad.

Thanks alot MSEC and karlstad for this wonderful race!

Also very much congratulations to winners Niklas Johansson in Modified, Stefan Wallberg Stock and Maxx Rosén in 1:12!


To last time, CYA! //



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