Saturday Practice, all by myself…..

Hey all!

Today i went to my nearest racetrack and spent the day training.

I had some difficulties, first one was alot of oversteer from the car. I had the day before finnished my new bodyshell and my thought was it was to heavy in the rear or to high. Also i changed tires.

Now the car got alot more comfortable and was pretty stable trough the corners.

I also found that the ride height was way to low. Why i dont know. but i will investigate it! Becuse i left it the same as last time.

Todays practice was good, but becuse of my cold i couldnt concentrate properly in the begining. here are some pics from today and a little clip!

I couldnt take a picture of all laptimes becuse you wouldnt be able to see it. Todays fastest was 9.766 by me. ofc i was by myself……. The track was also very slippery from last time. So the grip has gone down ALOT.

The track! Way to slippery today. Dont know why but i couldnt manage to get much grip at all. But i guess the track is going back to normal haha. Last year it was probably even more slippery.




Also a video. In swedish. I was sick today, so it was heavy breathing hahaha!


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