First Win in Modified!

My first win in the premiere class of r/c racing!  

WOW! This race was one of the best i’ve been to! The atmosphere in the pits was awesome and everyone was kind and helpful towards eachother! It was a refreshing feeling and everyone could enjoy the competition really much! 


I’ve had some medical issues the last couple of years, but 3 weeks prior to this race i finally got medication that would help me with pain and my eyesight that have been bad for a while. Finally i feel really good even though it takes much longer until i’m 100% done with this medicin.


Onto the race, the track was super small and was a lowspeed layout, it had low-med grip. I struggled with the backend of the car sliding, so for my part it ended up me entering D1 Drifting Competition and try to get best drifting score! But i could still get fast laptimes somehow.


I tried different things to make the rear more stable. Harder springs Yokomo pink in the rear made my #Yokomo faster, but i still had problems with grip. I tried different diff options. And like last race i prefered 10k oil over 7.5k oil. The feeling was just much nicer and the rear was much more stable. 


QUALIFYING was ok on my part, i managed to get TQ in Q1. But i made a faster one in Q2. I had some struggles with lapped drivers, but nothing severe, only lost much time. But luckily it was enough anyway to take overall Top Qualifier. And i was really stoked about it!



A-Final 1

I was really nervous, i tried to focus on deep breaths, but when i did the startsignal went and i was not ready at all! So i had to like panic throttle to keep my advantage ahead of young talent Rasmus Karlsson and veteran Fredrik Loiske. Rasmus hit a trackmarking later into the race and i could just cool down and try to not crash my car asmy lead was a couple of seconds at this point.

A-Final 2 went the same way where i had pressure in the begining but 2nd crashed and i could slow down. But i was ready for the start this time haha!

A-Final 3 when you win 2 of 3 races you are the overall winner, so in this A-3 i tried somethings to see if i could get more rear grip as i didn’t want to gamble in the first two finals. My try for more grip didnt go as well as belived, but high speed grip was better, but as this was a lowspeed track the traction was still bad for me.   

I had better laptimes than the rest, but i think my consistency was the key to win this day and not crash.


The new #bittydesign m410 bodyshell was my choice for this race. The car is very stable in the rear, less responsive steering but in my opinion delivers close to the same amount of steering as the ltc-r. The ltc-r is very twitchy compaired to the #Bittydesign bodyshell. And considering my problem with the rear being unstable i choose the m410. Really good bodyshell and i recommend it greatly! Even faster with #jockelipainting doing the artwork on it! 


My #yokomo is a champ! It took some hits but it kept going! Maybe it’s the sturdiest race kit out there today? I’m super happy with my choice going for #yokomo becuse the car delivers every time! The speed to be the winner is there, you just got to find it trying different setups and learn about how the car reacts to the changes you make.


In this sport you need to be a F1 driver, Math Physicist, rubber expert and the fastest mechanic on earth. It’s a very complete sport. 


Thanks to #MkEskil for making this race one of the best i’ve been to! Plenty of time to prepare your car, super friendly staff and a super nice prize ceremoni and podium. 

Great commentary by Uffe Törnros making the race really entertaining. Unfortunately i couldn’t hear much becuse i had problems with my ears this weekend 😦

A big thanks to all my sponsors and supporters making this possible!

#yokomo #hbracing #hobbywing #mibosport #jockelipainting 

Videos and setup coming soon! 


We are ready for racing this weekend!

We are ready for the finals of Middle Swedish Indoor Cup. This will be my last race of this indoor season and i’m waiting for next race outdoors, and first practice will hopefully begin as soon as the snow is gone!

Huge thanks to my sponsors making this possible, without them i could never race!

Yokomo, Mibosport, HBracing, Hobbywing, Jockeli-Painting &!

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Wich options do i need for my Yokomo BD8?

Hundreds of people around the world send me messages and e-mails asking about what parts they need for their Yokomo BD8, for wich surface and if they need anything for Stock versus Modified.

Today i will try my best to describe what you need for different conditions and help those people get in to the amazing brand Yokomo is!


Beginners Guide to Yokomo BD8,

First of all, if you are a beginner, my best suggestion for you is to use your BD8 almost stock. To get the car good on every surface you want to have a set of 4 Yokomo Pink springs front&rear. Or RP ULTRA Progressive Springs 2.8-3.0 in front that will be released soon andstock springs in the rear. With these the car will perform really good on every surface and you might only need to find the shock oil & diff oil setup that suits you.

If you race stock, you will need the optional top deck to use bigger pinions to fit.







Experienced Guide to Yokomo BD8,

If you are a racer that have been active a couple of years, you might need these parts to be able to get your car perform a couple of tenths faster.

The 30grams or 20grams balance weight is crucial to your cars handling and it will make the car easier to drive.



When building your shocks you want leakfree shocks. With the blue o-rings and black bladders you get a great fit and these gives you a consistent car the whole run and a must have for experienced drivers. When you are a better driver, the heat in the diff will get much higher, so i suggest you watch my diff build tutorial and you will get instructed what parts you will need.






Yokomo don’t have a servo saver that looks like any other brand. But they have one that’s very easy to use and install. It saved your servo if you crash.



Want more precision in your steering and feel full control, this is one of the things to improve!



When i’m at races, i need to control my car so it follows the rules. But sometimes my wing or bodyshell is too high. With these i can adjust that and i can easily adjust how i want my downforce as well. These are very lightweight and cheap.



I use a high speed fan in my cars, both stock and mod. These are recomended to redice fading in motor perfomence and also extend the motors life. I use 40mm for Stock and 30mm for Modified.



Pro guide to your Yokomo BD8,
If you feel you need that little extra, i suggest these last option parts the maximize your kit and your laptimes. But be aware, these parts are for people that understand setup very well. 




The aluminium chassis is very good on high grip. This option might be the most neccessary if you are driving on carpet.



These options is a way for you to customize your car however you want and get those laptimes low as possible!


I hope this helped many people that are into buying a BD8 or already own one. Feel free to ask me questions and i will try to answer them.   


Bittydesign M410!

 Finally my very talanted painter Jockeli finished painting the new Bittydesign M410!

I’m really excited to try it and see how it works. It already weighs about 10grams less than the LTC-R, but it’s not cut and mounted yet, so you have to wait a little longer for final specs. 
Body looks stunning! The looks give you an impression of low and wide even if it’s about the same as the LTC-R. 

The paintjob is made by Jockeli-Painting, check him out for more!


I’m thinking about how i could be even faster on the tracks. And the only thing i could think of was this.  

My thinking was like this, since i was a child i have been playing racing games on gaming consoles. On these you are steering with your left thumb, and throttle on your right. So if i get one i will switch it over.

Also, why i think this can get my driving on another level is becuse, my thumbs are more trained since my childhood to do these motions than the motions i make with my Sanwa M12 wheel. They feel weird as soon as the speed gets higher and i need better smoothness but still speed in my fingers. I just can’t attack some corners with confidence with a wheel controller.

So considering this, i think i will give a stick controller a go!


I can recommend MBModels in the UK! They know how to make the exzes mod and also their service is just outstanding!


//cheers and take care!

Ronald Völker Wins ETS Rd.2 with Yokomo BD8!

finally the Yokomo BD8 is proven to be the fastest on the market again and in a dominant manner. This time, with some new option parts where used and will probably be standard in next kit when that gets released!

Some info on the new option parts. 

New RP ULTRA SPRINGS, many people have contacted me about these, i just couldn’t give them answer yet. But finally it seems like they will be released shortly and they seem to perform really good. I have seen Ronald and other team drivers use these springs below most of the time since they appeared the first time.  

The new PCS, PITCH CONTROL SYSTEM is clearly inspired by Xray’s innovative flex system. With this you can change the flex in the car more to your liking and should improve the BD8’s laptimes.   

New RTC SYSTEM, i would say that this system together with the PCS is a winning combo. Limitless adjustsability and can customize exactly to your liking. A must have in my opinion for all BD8/BD7 drivers.  

Some great stuff from Yokomo released and looking forward to next races with these option parts to try out even more!

See you soon!  


Hello! I have recently started doing instagram, and i got to say, it´s quite cool and i wonder why i never used it before!

My instagram will show more of my daily life while this site will be my r/c blog and everything related to that!

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