ETS In Polen! Great start for Swedish drivers!

ETS Series 2012 is up and running this weekend! This time in Polen, at a Motor show in Poznan.
Last year they brought 46.000 spectators in weekend! Impressive numbers!

Fridays practice was very tumbling, alot of different drivers in different places. Just a few had small changes in speed.
And that was (not so surprising) Ronald Völker who set the pace. The German had good runs and consistent laps that see him top the time tables in qualifying too.

The Swedish driver Magnus Vässmar have some critical pace this weekend! He just threw something up from the pocket and told his rivals he has some serious sh*t right there.
This weekend will be very interesting to follow and see if Magnus can do anything about Völker.

We also see other Swedish Superstars in 4th place Viktor Wilck and 6th place Alexander Hagberg. Both pro drivers travel the world to compete against the best as a wonderful daily job. Amazing stuff to see them driving!!

Thats all for today! More tomorow!


Picture from

Blog, a beginning start in 1:10 TC


Update 7 April 2010|Gentlemen, start your engines!

Hey all!

This weekend i went to Staffanstorp HS outdoor track and was very excited to test the 1:10 TC car outdoors. This is my home track but i am not really fast on that track and have never been.

But maybe thats becuse i never drive on the track except when its competition there. This weekend i didnt have any asphalt tire sauce or tire warmers. i was a little skeptic that the car would have any grip without those things.

But to my amaze it went really well! about 3 laps and i had respectable grip in the car. but it was hard to get the heat in the tires.

I was driving the exact setup i was driving indoors, but i need to change my ride height on the car first. My first laps was fun and after 1 lap i was going full throttle and i was amazed how well i could drive with the car. The car felt good in all corners except one corner, the one after the long straight.

Then after my first session i was checking my laptimes and i had day record and for the day faster then the track record holder this day. And this was my first runs i was the fastest.

Then next session i was driving very cosistent and was only 2 tenths of the pace.I drove about 35 laps this day and the weather was cold. about 6 celsius outside and probably colder in the asphalt.

I am happy with this testing results and hopefully i will train more next weekend.

Things i have to do until next time:

Glue tires, Asphalt tire sauce, Tire Warmers, lower the car, general setup changes, and outdoor tires thats not weared so much haha.

Here is a picture of the track. the asphalt is very smooth on this track and perfect for electric racing. We had a Euros race here 2003 i think. I wasnt driving at the time, just what i heard.



Update 30 March 2010| Dangerous? No, offcourse not!

Hey all!

Soon it is warm enough outside so i can drive on the big track. I have plans to drive on Friday and Sunday so hopefully the weather allows it.

I am going to visit Staffanstorps HS track and one of the finest tracks in Sweden. What i heard the track record is 17,2 seconds around the track with a 1:10 Touring car. So i am pretty excited and see how it goes. I will try to film, but that depends if anyone wants to film me driving.

And to something else, Those that dont think racing these cars are dangerous, take a look at this then………..

Have a nice day and weekend all!



Update 23 March 2010 | Finally an update! Right?

Hey all!

Finally a update and some stuff happend. I have like you seen last time i got some bodyshells. Now i painted 2 of them. This one here i painted with a spray can paint and it worked fine. I really like the simple and clean look of the design and simply the best bodyshell i have done this far haha.

i just got the body done and i love it. I was trying to make my own headlights but i failed haha. next time maybe.

Also very soon the outdoor season is starting and i am really excited to test the car outside and see how it handles. What i have written in “About me” Section i have always driven outside on bigger tracks and i actually have big expectations from myself. Becuse i know exactly what line i should drive and i doesnt go really that fast as it does indoors. So i think i can be rally fast outdoors before i even tried it haha.

We will see and soon the track opens and hopefully during easter holidays i will drive some.

Have a nice day until next update!

// Andre Ö


Update 9 march 2010 | Race report and other stuff.

Hey all!

In the weekend i raced in Malmö. Now, it didnt go as well as i hoped for. but regarding all setup changes i went trough and broken things on my car i am satisfied anyway. it might sound really bad. but i received some experience again. And next time i race i hope that i will be very competative.

Qualify: I was leading qualify 2 and 3 with a crappy car. And the car got really incosistent after about 10 laps. And in one qualify the front suspension broke. So not a really good qualify but i atleast won one qualify heat.

Finals: Was crap and i dont really wanna talk about it becuse in the end of the day i got irritated that the car just kept going the way it wanted too. And in all finals i had to stop becuse the car broke. But before final 3 i got some help from todays winner and i ran the warmup and the car actually felt good about 3 laps before the start. i felt confodent that i could win this final.

But it resulted in a broken front suspension again after the very fast right corner. So my car understeerd heavily into the barrier. But i also got a tip what to do about the suspension and i hope i wont suffer from same stuff again.

people around might not think that i will get fast at all. but regarding i am still learning ALOT i think i do a very good job anyway.

And very soon i will start painting my new bodyshells and go through my car again. And soon the outdoor season starts again and i will for the first time run electric outside! And i also forgot my camera at home haha. So not very good there…..

I hope you enjoy my posts and please leave a post in the guestbook 🙂 need some more comments there!



Update 3 march 2010 | New stuff!

Today i got some new stuff!

I got 3 new bodyshells, a camber gauge, some spares like silicon o-rings for the shocks etc. Not a big update, but its something anyway haha.

also a Team Orion Motor was recieved friday before the Borås race. a 5,5T race Spec 2010.

Other stuff is that swedish trains have problems and i might have to cancel my next race 😦 Hopefully i will make it, but nothing is certain until i am at the track. So hold your thumbs and hope i can race the last race indoor for the season.



Update 2 March 2010 | Racereport from Borås MRK!

Hey all!

Finally is the report from the race coming. Now, i didnt take any pictures from this race becuse i was very busy. but if i have time i will take some i Malmö and the Final in the Cup.

Practice: I ran the MMRC setup straight out on the track and it was a good start setup. no understeer or oversteer what i could feel.

Qualifying: In qualifying i didnt get any faster then practice. now i felt that i didnt have the experience enough to know exactly to do but i tried some to angle(shims) the camber links more and it proved to make the car more stable and didnt loose grip when turning.

I didnt qualify any good, but i felt that i got pretty good speed anyway and was pretty satisfied anyway cinsidering my long time away and little experience.

Finals: In the first final i had some problems with my pinion and had to stop.

final 2 i got some better luck and actually made my way trough and placed my in first position, and had that position until there where some laps left and i did make a bad mistake. Becuse the car was pulling to the left i had to counter steer. and i lost concentration that just millisecond and my car got stuck in the barrier and it hooked and i flew of the track. So a bad mistake there. but i ended up second anyway.

3 final wasnt that good. The poleposition man got a great car this run and ran us all over and i ended up in 3rd position. i felt some confidence in the car the last heat and i now knew what i would change earlier. but that just tells what i am lacking pretty much: EXPERIENCE with the car and indoor tracks…

I also tried to paint my bodyshell like a pro, but it didnt work that well i hoped for. but i like it anyway. it looks good on the track.

Anyway, i had a great Saturday and it was very fun. Next race is in Malmö This Saturday 6 march. All swedish readers are very welcome!

Malmö MMRC website



Update 23 February 2010|Feeling good now and soon competition!

Hey all!

I paid a really nice visit in my hometown in southern Sweden in Skåne, Malmö. The club is called MMRC and they have a nice big track there. The grip is good and it feels good.

The only thing i dont like with this track is the pillars. They are in the way to see the corner good and i many times missed the apex or corner becuse of that. So probably the one that driven on the track the most, will win the final in March in two weeks.

But i am pretty happy with my training results even if it only was one good run and the rest was crap. Probably becuse of my broken rear hub ( :O haha) i chose to drive more becuse i need more experience with the car and didnt have spares.

it resulted in crashes more then i ever seen haha. but it was worth it. i am gonna get a new car when the winter season starts again. So it dowsnt matter anyway.

I also made a setup for the track when i wa playing with the car to gain as much experience as possible. And it worked well. Before i left my home i changed some stuff i think woud fit the track.

and it worked good. The only thing i had to change was the front springs to harder springs. Becuse the cars front wheels “hooked” and spinned around. so i thaught i would try harder springs and lower the rear with 0,5 mm. and it worked perfect.

My best laptime with a 13,5T motor was 10.9xx and thats pretty fast 🙂 i am satisfied.

SETUP also in Setup&Media section.

Next time i am there i might need to change the toe to 3,5 and change the shock position. time will see becuse i will run faster motor next time.

And when i came back home, this is how it looked like!

It is about 100-120 centimeters snow! ohhh wow!!

I can barely walk outside my door.

So until next time! See you and soon i will update with my new bodyshell!



Update 16 February 2010 | Media&Setup section updated!

Hey all!

I once again had a visit at Wäxjö MS indoor track. And as i told before this track has extremely low traction conditions. So i had to try all i got to get better traction. And here is the setup i used to drive very much more cosistent!


I was very fast and i am pretty satisfied with both my driving and the car. i can improve it a little more. But i find as it is cosistent enough.

i used Sorex 32 tires and LRP Vtec 27. And both tires made very similar laptimes. so not really any big differences.

The track was also bumpy on some sections so i changed the ride height from the session before.

So hopefully next training will take place in Malmö MMRC and i will try some other new stuff!

Also a very cool video i found where Tommy Bergfeldt is driving.



Update 13 February 2010 | 1:8 Worlds Warm-Up race!

I thought i would give it a try and report it! Like some of we know the Worlds for 1:8 Offroad is coming up and they are prepairing right now. The qualifing is on and it seems like Ty Tessman, the canadian, sets the pace!

Also the whole Hotbodies team is ruling the race right now. But not to unexpected, becuse its Atsushi Haras hometrack at the moment in Thailand. And as we know they have trained alot on the track and made good setup for the track.

Pretty interesting stuff, i myself dont drive offroad becuse for a student its too expensive racing competativly.

The World Champ Atsushi Hara is very fast among these great drivers. Also alot of other On-road racers is very fast. For example Meen Vejrak(TC Worlds finalist 2008), Teemu Leino(Finland, TC), Martin Bayer(1:5 Driver), Surikarn C.

Everyone not might know it, but the World Championship is a really big deal. Massive croud, many many competators and great racing on the worlds highest level!

Our Big Swedish hope got to be david Ronnefalk. He have gown very fast and he have beaten the worlds 2:nd Mike Truhe! Amazing stuff. He is very talented no doubt, he father made a great decision when he gave him a racing car.

If everyone got a father like that i want to think there would be more young talents out there!

We also have other hopes in swedish racing like Christoffer Svensson and i think Viktor Wilck.

Like always there is pretty girls!

Ty Tessman´s car likes to drive close the curb!




Update 9 February 2010 | Some amazing news!

Hey all!

I just found this, and i gotta say, IT IS AWESOME! i just kept telling me, how amazing this is. We already have some very well known racers in the industry like Valentino Rossi. And now Hamilton. Sure, its his brother. But is as good anyway!

Hopefully this upps the sport in these economic crisis. The sport is pretty cheap if you compare it to other motorsport. And all this big faces in the sport, it just have to bring some to the sport!

Some might know That Lewis Hamilton himself have competed in Miniracing/RC when he was about 6-8 years old. And also that other big names have done it: Pedro De La Rosa, Valentino Rossi etc.

Great news and i got really excited about it actually. But we need the bigger media to cover it. Like TV or the sports pappers.



Update 7 February 2010 | Finally driving again!

Today i paid a visit in the nearest indoor track and that was in Växjö. I was pretty nervous that i lost everything i had learned, but that wasnt the case.

My first run was crap, but i didnt expect anything else. As many of us swedish drivers know, the track in växjö is veeery slippery. And it wasnt different today 😛

My car was throwing everywhere and i couldnt control it very good. so after 4 runs i was able to change the car more like my drive style. It wasnt really like i wanted, but it was OK to drive. i could barely control the car. And i could predict the slide better.

I know now what i could do different, but i have to change that next time i am there.

so i am pretty happy about todays unexpected result, i did a 10.2xx laptime and i ran a 13,5 motor. The modified(Niclas Nilsson, 21st dhi cup) guys do 9,7 as fastest. so i am pretty close.

So some better tuning on my car and i will be able to do cosistent laptimes.

And today was also the debut with LiPo! I could make a 17 minute run! That was awesome! So 2 big debuts today, my first traning in 7 months and first time with lipo with my lipo modded chassies 😛

Have a nice day!



Update 6 February 2010 | Some modifications for LiPo!

Hey all! I just got my car ready for LiPo and the sundays training.

Tomorrow i will try rhis simple mod and see how it works on the track. As you might already know, my chassies wasnt meant for LiPo from the begining and it was made for 5 cell NiMh.

Here it is, the red spots are the modifications.

I did make a hole for the tape. The weights are for the lipo to stay were it is. The black things are cut NiMh holders. works like the lipo isnt going back and forth.

And tomorrow i am finally going to have my first training session for a while. Long time i drove and i cant really wait any longer 😛

And also tomorrow i will try to film a little driving from me. Hopefully i am as good as i was before haha.

Until then, See ya on the track!



Update 31 January 2010| ETS Series Final day and big drama!

Hey all!

ETS round 3 has ended! It might not come as a schock but Marc Rheinhard took a win again! This guy is absoloutly amazing. He have won so much the latest 2-3 years its almost crazy.

And Viktor Wilck as second! Congrats mu fellow countryman! To bad you lost your ETS series lead.

The Tamiya TRF Team had a hard time with the setup in qualifying and they got it right for the finals, as Marc taking victory in Leg 1 and 2 and winning ETS round 3. But Viktor had to wait until Leg 3 to make the top 2 in the totalt results. Juho Levanen ,also a Scandinavian, made it to the third place.

The other scandinavians ended Steen Graversen 6th and adrian Berntsen 11th place. A good day for the scandinavians with good results!

But there was a big drama this weekend! As C-Final with current 1/10 Nitro Touring World Champion Daniele Lelasi was competing in there was a big leak in the roof.

The snow was so heavy(or something like that) and it started leaking threw the roof. as the track got wet, they had to change the tracklayout and continue the race with adding some extra minutes training so the drivers could adjust to the new layout.

And in Super stock Alexander Stocker had to leave his second spot becuse his daughter got ill, and they went home. To bad tho, he had a chance to win it all.

And thats all for now. Next ETS series is 5-7 March. and before that the Euros Indoor in Finland is coming up! In February

Video Leg 1 Pro Stock: HERE

Video Leg 1 Modified : HERE

Until then, Have a nice day!



Update 29 January 2010| Snowbirds report by

Here is a small clip from rcracing´s visit in U.S at the Snowbirds, one of the largest events in rc. Enjoy!



Update 29 January 2010| ETS Series in Czech Republic

Hey all!

Day one at the 3 round of ETS Series is starting to end. They all did some practice and end the day with qualifying.

There is also a really big race in the U.S this week and its SnowBirds. A very big event. But i decided to report the ETS series race.

Today at the end of the day, Marc Rheinhard the World and European champion sets todays pace at qualifying, followed by Viktor Wilck(swedish) and Juho Levanen(finnish).

Seems like Viktor got his car running good again after his horrible DHI CUP 2010 race in the begining of the year.

But beware, there is a really fast guy at ETS that outpaces the world champion big time! he was only 1 second from doing the only 17 lap in 5 minutes. to bad he had a crash on lap 14.

There is also a world champs fight going on with 1:10 NT world champion Daniele Lelasi and Marc Rheinhard. I wonder how this is gonna go. maybe he is as fast as rheinhard? We will see!

We can also say shortly that the Scandinavian people is really showing of in the Modified class with Viktor Wilck in 2nd, Juho Levanen in 3rd, Adrian Berntsen 9th(norway) and Steen Graversen in 10th(denamrk).

I am proud to be Scandinavian second 2006.

Here is the big awesome track. The lap record in modified right now is at 18,460 made by Hamak Zdenek, i think he is a local driver.

More tomorrow!



Update 23 January 2010| F1 Race! Woot!?


Today i went to Wäxjö MS to get an good impression of the track and watch some F1 Racing. Today they had a test event for a new class with F1 cars like Tamiya F109, 3Racing F1 and so on.

There where some tough racing, but also some hardcore passings hehe. Some seemed to be new to R/C but i dont really know. The class runs with LiPo and 17,5T motors. You can also have brushed motors and Nimh, but LiPo is better.

In this class there is a obligatory Pit-Stop where you have to stop within 2 minutes. If you have less then 2 minutes Pit-Stop you get a 30 second penalty thats about 3 laps on this track. Now, the rules are not set yet and we are just testing some out.The final is 20 Minutes and basically 18 minutes, becuse you stand still during the Pit Stop.

I also got some stuff from my friend including LiPo, Motor, LiPo safety bag and some spare parts for my touring car. So i am pretty much good to go. i just need my receiver, transponder and my licens now! So very soon i will put up a video of my first training session after 7 months waiting!



I took some pictures today.

Niclas Nilsson, Winner of the day! congrats!

Håkan with his very nice looking Ferrari Replica.

This picture is taken during a Pit-Stop. They decided to charge the LiPo and hopefully they didnt run out of power.

The phone was taking the time so they wouldnt go out on the track before       2 minutes!

I had a good time and talk and just be social. So have a nice day and until next time folks!



Update 21 January 2010 | A really big reward!

Hey all! i saw this recently and i just say, WOW!

O’Donnell Racing has just announced what they claim is one of the biggest contingency programs ever to hit the R/C industry. Drivers will have the chance to share in up to $120,000 in total prize money by using O’Donnell Racing Fuel, and finishing ‘in the money’ in select regional and national events. And it’s a program with a twist, every payout for ‘Joe Racer’ is bigger than the one a team driver would get. There are cash prizes for the top six A-Main finishers in select national and regional races. More cash prizes for first-place finishers in R/C Pro Series A-Mains including the Intermediate, Open and Pro classes. Cash bonuses for taking TQ in every one  and more cash bonuses for winning ROAR and R/C Pro national championships.

To bad i cant join it if i understand it right. i have to race Nitro and basically live in the U.S to get the prize money. Damn “U.S only” rules 😛

Why not IFMAR or something else? anyway, it will probalby make it way over here too i hope.

//Andre “63”


Update 21 January 2010

Hello all!

this week the blog/website went straight up in the air! I got so many hits this week and i am glad people reads my stupid comments 😛 haha. i cant tell you exactly how many that reads, but they are MANY. So thanks to all of you and hopefully you enjoy it aswell.

at the moment in my Racing i am hopefully going to take my time and visit a F1 pancar race in Växjö. They are having a race there and i will get some new stuff from a friend.

And i am gonna check out the track i am gonna practice some on. They have changed the layout a little so i am pretty excited to see how it looks like. I also got my soldering equipment from the postman “Teddy Dude”.

So i am good to go. The only thing that really misses is my receiver and my transponder haha. Still att my dads place. WHY!? I forgot them there………



Update 19 january 2010


Finally some stuff confirmed. I am gonna order some stuff for my car and hopefully i can drive again after 6 months waiting. I cant wait and i really want to start my training again so i really can become the best some day. thats my goal. with some bad luck the past seasons ive been racing, i hope those have finnaly ended. Now its serious and i have to get some good results more cosistently.

More training and more races is hopefully here very soon so i can see what i go for.

Nothing more have happend here really, just i orderd a LiPo Charger and some soldering equippment. I will also order LiPo cells, servo, motor. So be updated about that! See you!



Update 15 January 2010

Hello all again!

like some of you already seen there is a big hype about one new car. Here is the picture and i will let you guess.

if you know it, you are ahead of those that dont!

Yes! It´s the Schumacher Cougar SV 2wd Buggy!

I gotta say, the picture is yummy! I like it and it tells me to buy it. And i really want to!

This is the latest from Schumacher i guess and some people says it has some different solutions for the motor, servo and battery locations. i dont really know myself but thats what i heard.

I myself is very curious about the electric buggy classes and i am probably gonna buy one to race with. I know the class is growing pretty fast in Sweden(Where i live).

Here is also a convincing video about how good it might be?


and come back for more blog, news and Swedish Racing News!



Update 12 Januari 2010.

Hej alla!

Jag ska testa med engelska igen så enjoy 😛

I have checked out some stuff for my touring car and i came to a conclusion that i should be able to start training again late january or february YYEESSSS!!! Finally!

I will probably start my training at Wäxjö MS indoor track for the start of my precious training i need to be better then i am. I have only trained about 20 times the last 2 years so more training is the way to go here.

what i need now is: More sponsors, Lipo power, new steering servo, 5,5 motor, tire additive, my receiver that are at my fathers place in Staffanstorp :C and a little LUCK that i dont wreck my car the first training session. 😛 haha

Have a nice day!


// Andre


Update 10 Januari 2010! DHI CUP 2010 avklarat! Swedish Translate

Ja, då var det slut för dem som deltog i det roliga. Med bra resultat från sverige sida så är vi nöjda. TommÖ Som tog andra platsen i Super Stock. visserligen tyckte jag det var fel att dem räknade tiderna bara, för annars hade tommö vunnit då han hade bättre resultat i alla 3 heaten.

Även grattis till Hagberg som tog sig till A final. tyvärr så var det ingen super snabb hagberg som kunde fightas om pallen, men det kommer fler gånger.

Viktor wilck hade en av sina sämre dagar, han hade väldans oflyt och verkar inte som bilen gick alls som han ville?

Magnus Vässmar och Niclas nilsson, måste säga det är årets bästa klättring. förra året var vässmar i B final, men han slogs inte om B final vinsten som han gjorde i år. bra jobbat! Niclas hade ett bra kval och kunde kört b finalen, men hans tid räckte precis inte till. så han hamnade i C finalen, otur Niclas. Men nästa år så borde du kunna ta åtminstone b finalen? 😛

Grattis TommÖ för ett lyckat DHI CUP evengemang igen och hoppas bästa lycka nästa år med för dig och alla andra svenskar.

jag såg många var på hugget och kan säga vi har blivit snabbare, helt klart. men lilla oturen förföljde och det blev inte som tänkt för alla.

fr.v Christer Andersson ,mitten, Ronald Völker ,fr.h, Marc Reinhard. pallen Modified klassen.

Bild lånad av

MvH Andre


Update 9 Januari 2010 DHI CUP 2010! Sweidish Translate!

Då var det dags igen med en av årets höjdpunkter i el touring. som en del av mina läsare vet så deltog jag i DHI CUP 2009 med väldigt dålig erfarenhet och en kass bil. Tyvärr så kunde jag inte delta i år, men kanske nästa år.

Det var stor glädje förra året med Alexander Hagberg som kvalade etta och hamnade tvåa på pallen 2009 i modified klassen. Och TommÖ Bergfeldt som tog hem allt rakt igenom. Svensk dominans kort sagt.

Och självklart hoppas vi på en repris i år!

Det ser bra ut i år också med 2 kval gjorda i Stock klassen så ligger Tommö på tredje plats totalt. Men han sa till att bilen understyrde och då kan man inte få tillräckligt med kurvhastighet. Alla svenskar och kompisar hoppas han lyckas få till bilen innan det är försent. GOO TOMMÖ!!!

Vi har även andra duktiga svenskar i topp i stock som Carl Rönnbäck(min rival), Per Erik Nordman och Ola Westholm som jobbar för få till ett super kval då han inte ligger så bra till just nu.


Efter 2 kval i modified har vi bra med svenskar också. Vi har Alexander Hagberg, Viktor Wilck, Magnus Vässmar och Niclas Nilsson följt av andra snabba svenskar som är verkligen på hugget.

Alexander Hagberg 7:a, Viktor Wilck 6:a, Magnus Vässmar 10:a, Niclas Nilsson 17. Mycket bra gjort grabbar och göra topp 17 efter 2 kval. Imponerande!

Jag och många andra hoppas på många svenskar i A final, det vore ultimat. Jag kommer ihåg förra årets jubel på läktarna när Hagberg och TommÖ Vann final heat!

Mer har jag inte att skriva just nu. Så återkommer säkert med mer senare idag eller imorgon!

Bild lånad från

MvH RC Skrivaren //


Update 5 januari 2010!Swedish Translate!

Ja! Då var första inlägget för 2010 gjort!

Och som lovat skulle jag komma med lite mer info angående min fortsatta inomhus körning. Och ja! Det kommer bli så fort jag lagt en order på LiPo utrustning!

Jag hoppas kunna delta i SSIC finalen i Malmö. Det är den enda jag prickat in än sålänge. dem andra vet jag inte om jag kan köra.

Se kolla in snart igen på bloggen så kommer det skrivas lite!

MvH Andre// Spöket……………………….BUH!


Update 17 December 2009!Swedish Translate!

Hej alla! Eftersom jag tänkte starta bloggen lite mer igen efter dåligt med göra. Så tänkte jag kunde skriva om lite andra händelser.
Forza Motorsport 3. Jag kör en liten serie kallat RTCC. Det ska likna STCC i reglementet. Jag körde detta och det var kul. vi är ca 20 man i serien vid första tävlingen.

Körde första deltävling förra veckan på torsdagen. Jag kvalade både etta och vann heaten. full seger.

Ikväll är det deltävling 2 och jag hoppas jag kan vinna den med. Jag kör detta medans jag väntar på få köra med min touring bil. det ger bra träning både för nerver, tävlingslusten och koncentrationen.

Lusse racet gick i helgen och grattis till Alex Hagberg som vann, med Niclas Nilsson efter sig. inte minst Daniel Carlsson som kämpat på bra och tagit sig till toppen i SSIC.

Här är en liten filmsnutt från Mod A-Final.

//MvH Andre Ö


Update 8 May 2009| Valentino Rossi Find his way to RC!

Yes! Finally have one of the best drivers and talents in motosport found this great sport,  Valentino “The Doctor” Rossi.

I found this unbelivable surprising news on Great news!

Rossi have visited a track called Riccione Raceway in Italy. According to the news he have visited this track before and tryed out some RC. And now he´s back to pay another visit at the track after his great win in Spain on Jerez Race track. That he also won with a big smile on his face.

thats what you expect of a master like him 🙂 Those that dont know, Rossi is a MotoGP racer and have won 9 Worlds Championships in his international career!

Valentino Rossi

What makes me exicted is that he have got his bodyshell painted like his legendary helmet art. To bad you cant steal his design on that thing, i wouldn´t say no. hehe.

No one knows at the moment if he is going to continue with this sport or not. But he got really boog help and suipport, the former European winner and vice World Champion is by his side!

Seems like Valentino is having a great time and he look interested to continue the racing.

As long it´s fun, But if he continues later or sooner the little racing monster will grow out of him and he will do races and maybe bigger races?

A real legend is looking for something new?

MvH André Östlund

More about Rossi´s driving, pictures and videos can be found Here.



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