ETS In Polen! Great start for Swedish drivers!

ETS Series 2012 is up and running this weekend! This time in Polen, at a Motor show in Poznan.
Last year they brought 46.000 spectators in weekend! Impressive numbers!

Fridays practice was very tumbling, alot of different drivers in different places. Just a few had small changes in speed.
And that was (not so surprising) Ronald Völker who set the pace. The German had good runs and consistent laps that see him top the time tables in qualifying too.

The Swedish driver Magnus Vässmar have some critical pace this weekend! He just threw something up from the pocket and told his rivals he has some serious sh*t right there.
This weekend will be very interesting to follow and see if Magnus can do anything about Völker.

We also see other Swedish Superstars in 4th place Viktor Wilck and 6th place Alexander Hagberg. Both pro drivers travel the world to compete against the best as a wonderful daily job. Amazing stuff to see them driving!!

Thats all for today! More tomorow!


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