About me/Results

Name: Andre Fossto Östlund

School/Job: Fossto Östlund Racing and Student

Club: Eksjö RCK

Car(s); 1:10 TC Stock/Modified, 1:10 Offroad and 1:5  Largescale.

Contact:    andre.ostlund@hotmail.com




TQ Trailer CUP Växjö

4th TRailer CUP Växjö

2nd Nordic Championship 2006 Väst 8 Gothenburg(broken car)
Nordic Junior Champion 2006 Väst 8 Gothenburg(broken car)

TQ Trailer CUP Tranås

1st place Trailer CUP Tranås

Pole position Swedish National CUP (broken car semifinal)



3rd Swedish National CUP Örkelljunga (technical issue)

TQ Swedish Nationals 1:5 GT

4th Swedish Nationals 1:5 GT(technical issue)



1st Place SSIC B-Final (my worst result in this class)




5th place  SSIC Wäxjö MS (technical issue)



8th place MSEC Karlstad

1st place SSIC Gothenburg

TQ SSIC Gothenburg



8th place VRC PRO Snowbird Nationals 13.5 Stock

TQ VRC Winternats 2013 1/10 NT


Other results PC Games ETC:


World Champion Gran Turismo 3 and 4


7th place VGP 2007 (about 100.000 people was competing only 3 hours training before.)



25th place Gran Turismo 5 GT-Acedemy competition 2009(about 1.1 million people competing, only 4 hours training before.)



RaceRoom 2

1st proffesional Class. 2012

1st Assist Class 2012

Race07 Radical class: Wins: 6 PolePosition: 6



About me and RC!


This is the year where it all started. My father bought me a 1:6 Racing Truck for my birthday. Right away i started training and 2005 was all about training. For a month hehe.


This year i started to attend races. My first race was at my local track and i got the TQ right away! To all surprise i did very well. But my first race made me very nervous so i ended up only 4th.

Next races was much better, in speed, but my nerves didnt hold and i made alot of mistakes. But, i went home and started practice to hold my nerves in check.

Next race i win. And the one after that, podiumsand etc.

This was my golden year and i will never forget it.

(2006 Passing my ever rival, Torsten Nilsson. Also 2012 Swedish Champ 1:5 Touring.)


This year i started a new class. 1:5 Touring. I had some trubble becuse i had an old car and a mechanic(my father) that couldnt help me to setup my engine. so i was driving around in half throttle hoping for the best. Also much school and couldnt practice as much i wanted, i suffered from not doing any good this year.


A small comback! 17 years old i was attending 1:5 class again. Now this year i was much more competative. To have 2 TQ and a podium in 2 races was a good result. But both races my car wasnt really good. Some problems with engine both races.

i only races 2 times this year. Economy was very bad and couldnt race as much i wanted.

But i sold my car and got some money for it and started a cheaper class. 1:10 Touring. i started practice and race right before christmas.


I went to DHI CUP 2009 with literally driven my new 1:10 car only 3 times. Very bad choice, i know, but i gained alot of experience and it was really fun too!

Some races in the 19T stock class and my best result was 6th place. So happy with that i wanted to try another season. But, the economy hit me againg. And couldnt race more.


About a year later i had economy to try race again. I practiced alot the whole 10/11 winter season indoors. I raced some Modified. It went pretty ok. I was alright, but i lacked experience to setup my car. I didnt have much grip and didnt know what to do. So i studied much jabuary 2011 to help me understand setups.

First race 2011 was SSIC in Växjö. I decided to try out Stock class. I ordered a stock ESC and i came in the mail day before race. So didnt have a chance to try it before the race.

I managed to TQ with a whole lap ahead or this years 2011 Stock Champion. I was extremely pleased with this! But in the finals i got hit by the second place man in the starts and he broke my car. Not having stuff to repair my car i had to give up and drive as it was. I managed 5th place at this race anyway with a broken car.


 Not have driven anything again for a year, i did make a comeback begining 2012. I enter MSEC cup in Karlstad in 17.5 boost stock class. I didnt expect much and i ended up 8th. But i had some money left and decided to go for SSIC stock class in Gothenburg also. I TQ this race and also i made my first win in 1:10 Touring!

Season ends, and new season comes. My touring car is gone and retired. I got myself a 1:10 Buggy. As it is the biggest indoor class right now and also training oppurtunity is much more racing this class i decided i need to get some training.

With having big problems with the jumps, i didnt expect much more then gain expereince my first tries.


I got a feeling this will be a pretty good year. But time will tell! I dont expect wins or podiums. But i expect improvement!

More to come and more history will be made!



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  1. Hej Andre.

    Fin webside du har, håber det går godt.

    Jeg har jo ikke kørt i nogle år nu men starter lidt i 2009, jeg starter med 1:6 off-road og lidt 1:8 off-road.

    det kan være jeg køre lidt touring men jeg ved ikke endnu.

    Hils din papa.

    Med venlig hilsen
    Allan Hilleborg

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