3 Reasons to watch R/C Racing in 2017!

I want to start off with saying that i think 2017 will be a explosive year for the r/c world. The silly season isn´t really over yet but sooo many pro driver´s are changing brands and teams! P.S New announcements in this post!

nr.1 Ryan Maifield


Who i´m excited about is Ryan Maifield going over to Yokomo! He is one of the best drivers in the world, but he never won a worlds, YET!

With this addition to Marc Rheinard, Lee Martin and Atsushi Hara, this team will make you turn heads!


Another driver i mentioned, Atsushi Hara. I´m not sure if his deal with Yokomo is official or he is long trerm contracted, but without a doubt he will be a contender at the ongoing Reedy Race of Champions this weekend.


Yokomo team seems ready!

Nr.2 Marc Rheinard, What team will he join? I heard rumours he used Awesomatix at The Charity Race in Italy, but i also heard he built a SMJ at DHI CUP 2017. He is to look out for as he beat Ronald Völker the first time in a long time now with a new car!

Nr.3 Just awesome racing! I mean, r/c racing is one of the most eventful racing category you can find! much action all the time and many times really funny things happen as well. I consider r/c racing as my number 1 choice when it comes to entertainment value in all racing categories.

What do you think?

I myself will be practicing at my nearest track this sunday to try get more out of my car for upcoming races. I still have some more things to test and see what makes my yokomo faster. at the moment i am like 1 or 2 tenths behind, but i think i can close that distance soon!

Also some other news, i have some future surprises regarding my racing career, the website getting an own domain name and more youtube content! Stay TUNED FOR THAT!

See you soon!

Merry christmas and i wish you a happy new year!


i want to wish all my readers a great christmas and many r/c stuff for gifts!

And dont forget, the year of 2016 is creeping up and a new season of amazing racing!

Let’s all start 2016 with much fun and friends!


I am ready for a comeback online and on track!

hello to everyone that still visit this website! To my surprise, there are many of you. Big thanks!

Now, i haven’t raced a rc car since early 2013 and i have decided i will start racing again. For the people that belive in me and becuse of all fun it is!

I didnt think i would consider to race again for many more years forward until my fiancée said i should start racing again. She had a good point to why, and i agreed. 

I can’t tell you when, but i have a plan and a goal how to get going again.

Until then, i will keep my racing online at VRC Pro and practice as much i can!


Rc-stars.com , My new project!

Hello everyone!

I have been very busy making one of my dreams come true!

For the past weeks i have worked on this, and now i find it quite done to be announced to the world!

It is one very unique r/c news website, offering English and Swedish language. And both language offrer different news. The english version is WOrl news, and the Swedish only for swedish news and other things.

be sure to visit rc-stars (link removed, website shut down. Copyrigths reserved rc-stars.com)


Please support my dream!

//Thank you!

My 2013 Package so far!

Soon i will annonuce what package i will race 2013. My main class will be 1/10 offroad. But maybe i can have a onroad race done also. Time will tell 😀

car: 4wd&2wd unknown

Tires: Pro-Line & Schumacher

Battery: Unknown

Motor: Hobbywing 6000kv&5200kv

ESC: Hobbywing V3.1 Black & Hobbywing V2.1

So far, all i have.


Hobbywing V3.1!


Today i got some of my stuff from Hobbywing Sweden/reservdelsrc.com!


Thank you so much for supporting me with great stuff!

Like some maybe know, Hobbywing is one of the very few manufacturers that aims for affordable products still most competative products. World Champions Atsushi Hara and Andy Moore use these products. And you can not say, they are not good……

I have myself used Hobbywing products couple of years now. And all i can say they are briliant and reliable.

Hobbywing V3.1 is a 93g lightweight high performance ESC for both on-road and off-road racing. You can choose between black, red or blue color.

If you want one, or want to see how it looks like more closely. Click the picture below.


Update sponsored by reservdelsrc.com and Hobbywing Sweden.

European Offroad Series In Austria!

Hey all!

meanwhile the website goes threw some major changes, i still have to cover some good racing reports? ofcourse!

This time it is EOS Series that have arrived in Austria for some bumpy action.

The track is a indoor carpet track with fuglyish blue color and brown jumps. Weird combo there, but hey, racing isnt about nice colors?

Sweden have two really fast drivers in Austria right now, It is David Ronnefalk and Oskar Levin. Practice is finnished and they have 4th and 16th in 2wd. Looks good for tomorows action!

Results after practice


Rank Driver Nat Club Rnd Besttime [3] Heat
1 Neumann Jörn DE 3 1:06.876
2 Bayer Martin CZ 3 1:07.798
3 Scholz Oliver DE MC2000 Neuffen 3 1:08.027
4 Ronnefalk David SE Karlskrona MRK 3 1:08.341
5 Bauer Dominic AT 3 1:08.355
6 Hönigl Hupo CH 3 1:08.520
7 Batlle Robert ES 3 1:08.894
8 Savoya Reno FR 3 1:09.223
9 Orlowski Michal PL Automobilklub Polski 3 1:09.263
10 Lübke Marcus DE 3 1:09.631


Rank Driver Nat Club Rnd Besttime [3] Heat
1 Neumann Jörn DE 3 1:04.567
2 Bayer Martin CZ 3 1:05.701
3 Hönigl Hupo CH 3 1:05.750
4 Savoya Reno FR 3 1:05.801
5 Scholz Oliver DE MC2000 Neuffen 3 1:06.091
6 Mára Jiri CZ 3 1:06.560
7 Pinisch Peter AT MAC Traiskirchen 3 1:06.846
8 Orlowski Michal PL Automobilklub Polski 3 1:06.976
9 Batlle Robert ES 3 1:07.221
10 Hansen Martin DK 3 1:07.241

A small video from RedRc during practice!

Enjoy the news and the websites new face and see you tomorrow!

Be sure to like or comment!


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Nordics 2013 In Sweden, Tires Confirmed!

I was strolling around the internet, and found some news!
It was some news for the Nordic Championship 2013!
This year it will be held in Höör, south Sweden.

For you people that dont know what Nordics is. It is a competition where drivers from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark gathers and fight for who is the fastest in these countrys combined!

The classes are 2WD and 4WD 1/10 Offroad buggy.

The track looks very good and very difficult.


The tires they will use are
2WD – optional foam Inserts
Front: Free
Rear: Proline Bow-tie 2,2 M3

4WD -optional foam Inserts
Front: Proline Crime Fighter 4WD front M3
Rear: Proline Bow-tie 2,2 M3

Seems like a good choice!
Registration is not opened yet, so we have to wait for that one.

Some Superstars like David Ronnefalk, Otto Ausfelt, Niclas Månsson and Oskar Levin will probably be there and fight for the WIN!



News sponsored by Johanssonsrc.se


Masami Hirosaka story!

This is a story about the fastest r/c racing driver ever! Masami Hirosaka

Very nice video and it gives you inspiration! Atleast i get a good feeling while watching this.

One of the things is that i recognize myself. espacially in where he simulates the race while going to sleep.

And yesterday, wow am i impressed by my fans! I got 3.279 visitors in one day! Thank you everyone so much for so much support and reading my sillyness!


So see you tommorrow!


SWorkz new 1/10 4wd!

Meanwhile we wait for some results from Snowbirds from VRC and in real. I found one interesting car, the new SWorkz 1/10 4wd.

With a very interesting chassie design it also look fast!
Narrow chassie plate should generate more flex wich should generate more grip and steering. And that is important on dirt tracks!
It also look very stable at the same time.

I would want one! Sexy ;D
Well, let the picture talk some!