Bittydesign M410!

 Finally my very talanted painter Jockeli finished painting the new Bittydesign M410!

I’m really excited to try it and see how it works. It already weighs about 10grams less than the LTC-R, but it’s not cut and mounted yet, so you have to wait a little longer for final specs. 
Body looks stunning! The looks give you an impression of low and wide even if it’s about the same as the LTC-R. 

The paintjob is made by Jockeli-Painting, check him out for more!


I’m thinking about how i could be even faster on the tracks. And the only thing i could think of was this.  

My thinking was like this, since i was a child i have been playing racing games on gaming consoles. On these you are steering with your left thumb, and throttle on your right. So if i get one i will switch it over.

Also, why i think this can get my driving on another level is becuse, my thumbs are more trained since my childhood to do these motions than the motions i make with my Sanwa M12 wheel. They feel weird as soon as the speed gets higher and i need better smoothness but still speed in my fingers. I just can’t attack some corners with confidence with a wheel controller.

So considering this, i think i will give a stick controller a go!


I can recommend MBModels in the UK! They know how to make the exzes mod and also their service is just outstanding!


//cheers and take care!

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