André Fossto Win at Swedish Nats rd.4

Yes, i got a win this past weekend! While i’m glad i won, my real achievement was me doing double classes and still being pretty competative in both Stock and Modified class.

With only having about 40 minutes to wrench, clean, change setup, glue and sauce tires, i’m happy with my pace!

Stock report:

In Stock it was an easy win. I didn’t predict this at all considering i used prototype parts i made myself. So i put down the car in practice and hit off good laps right away. 


In the end, i raced stock only for fun this time, take some pressure off and just chill and enjoy the race. Congrats to fellow Yokomo driver Kenneth taking 2nd place after amazing fights with Stefan!  

Modified Report:

This will be a more indepth report as much was going on here. Let’s start with the track.

The track is very small with fast corners, fast laps is in 8.1 seconds range. The track starts with low grip, ends with high grip. Key here was mainly a fast setup with no traction-roll tendencies & very much steering.

So in practice i found the carbon chassis to be the best option and fastest on my BD8. But when it was time for qualifying the grip was soo high i needed to change a bit in my setup. Still the car was ok and still fast. But i lacked steering and the car was understeering a lot. But i managed to get a little more steering by softer setup in rear 400cst and silver yokomo springs.

Now in the aftermath i think i should have gone with the aluminium chassis to get all the things i needed, but i have to do that next time!  

At this point in Q1 i was behind in laptimes. So needed to change something. I changed a couple of things and they helped. But in the end it didn’t help my qualifying position. 

P7 in qualifying is not what i hoped for considering i had pace for atleast top 4. But i had to let go of some drivers behind me in quali and that messed up my consistency a bit as the track is very small, as soon i let go of one driver, the next was right behind me immediately! So i am sure i could do better than this. 

So p7 on this track mean B-Final, not really happy about that, but considering i was doing double classes it was very good for me to be on the same pace as the A-Main guys anyway. This was a test for the future how it feels like to do double classes, and maybe i will do more doubles in the future, but not with 40min time to prepare, way to stressful!

I end up in the B-Final and totally dominated my finals with 3 straight wins.

In the last B-Final i took the opportunity to test some new things on my setup. This made the car less consistent, but i wanted it to produce faster laptimes, and i managed to do that, Goal achieved! 


Overall an OK race. I tried my best and that’s what counts for me this time. 

We had really fast racers and the locals where super fast as always. Multi swedish champ and DHI CUP finalist Markus Hellquist, multiple SSIC champion Carlsson, Super talent Jonas Andersson who i think is former Swedish champ & multi swedish champ Mikael Fransson, and all these closely ahead of me. So it was really high competition this time and i consider myself lucky i can compare myself against some of the best in Scandinavia, and i don’t consider a 7th place bad at all in this talented field!

//soon my video is finished! Check out my youtube in a couple of days!//

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