André Fossto Joins Yokomo

Official statement from Team Yokomo Europe.  

Yokomo Europe have announced the signing of Swedish André Fossto to their electric on-road team. André will race the company’s BD8 chassis in the country’s major series and also at select International events and he has the following to say about the deal:
“I am very honored to join such a legendary team as Yokomo and Mibosport at this point in my racing career. I would like to Thank Michal Bok for giving me this opportunity and i will try my absoloute hardest to show how good Yokomo´s products are. If you own a Yokomo or want to get one, don´t be afraid to ask me! See you at the tracks!”
I’m super happy about this! This is the next step in my amazing journey, and if it continues like this then who know where i end up!


Today i had a practice session with my Yokomo, i tried the extra hard suspension arms and they worked well to my surprise! I actually could manage really competative laptimes and i did best my best laptime with 1 tenth. Overall pace was incredible despite my driving being a little “off” in my opinion.

So a very nice test and a happy driver 😀

//Team yokomo driver, YES!!!

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2 thoughts on “André Fossto Joins Yokomo

  1. Hi.

    What did it change on the feel of the car. Did you have to change much on the set up. I’ve still got a bd7, will they be coming out for that?


    • Hello! These suspension arms fit both BD7&BD8. The car works fine and i dont think any bigger setup changes are needed, but i will do a post about layer today explaining how the car felt. Cheers//

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