3 Reasons to watch R/C Racing in 2017!

I want to start off with saying that i think 2017 will be a explosive year for the r/c world. The silly season isn´t really over yet but sooo many pro driver´s are changing brands and teams! P.S New announcements in this post!

nr.1 Ryan Maifield


Who i´m excited about is Ryan Maifield going over to Yokomo! He is one of the best drivers in the world, but he never won a worlds, YET!

With this addition to Marc Rheinard, Lee Martin and Atsushi Hara, this team will make you turn heads!


Another driver i mentioned, Atsushi Hara. I´m not sure if his deal with Yokomo is official or he is long trerm contracted, but without a doubt he will be a contender at the ongoing Reedy Race of Champions this weekend.


Yokomo team seems ready!

Nr.2 Marc Rheinard, What team will he join? I heard rumours he used Awesomatix at The Charity Race in Italy, but i also heard he built a SMJ at DHI CUP 2017. He is to look out for as he beat Ronald Völker the first time in a long time now with a new car!

Nr.3 Just awesome racing! I mean, r/c racing is one of the most eventful racing category you can find! much action all the time and many times really funny things happen as well. I consider r/c racing as my number 1 choice when it comes to entertainment value in all racing categories.

What do you think?

I myself will be practicing at my nearest track this sunday to try get more out of my car for upcoming races. I still have some more things to test and see what makes my yokomo faster. at the moment i am like 1 or 2 tenths behind, but i think i can close that distance soon!

Also some other news, i have some future surprises regarding my racing career, the website getting an own domain name and more youtube content! Stay TUNED FOR THAT!

See you soon!

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