4th at VRC Pro worlds 2016!

hello all! 

It’s this time of the year where all pro drivers go inside and start racing on their computers!

I did this as well this year! I have decided to participate in 1/12 track, 1/10 electric touring and 1/10 electric truck in both stock and modified class!  

First was the 1/12 stock&mod Worlds Qualifying

As i have very little experience driving the 1/12 class i didnt expect much in my results either. Qualifying went bad in both classes, but i still made the A main, and that’s great! 

Finals came and there was 2 practice rounds before and then qualifying and i showed a pace between 2nd and 8th in practice. These guys are so good that one mistake was huge! But i still managed to qualify a 6th in Modified & 7th in Stock and i am happy eith that considering my lack of practice!

Mod final results 


Finals started, i felt okey with my starting position, i went from there. But a change in the final heat’s track condition made my car very weird and i went slower in laptimes then in practice, but it should be the other way around. But i stayed calm and just put on a crazy consistent race and could stay 6th in modified and 4th in Stock!

In stock i improved from 7th to 4th. But undortunately i didn’t have the right gearing the first final run out of 3. So my 3rd run was the best in Stock and managed a 4th place at Worlds!

Stock final results 

As you can see there are some really good competition here, Viljami Kutvonen who came 2nd in ETS Rnd.1 couple of weeks ago. Barnabás Tóth  who have made ETS finals and i think he is Hungarian National champion. Also other very talented drivers such as Nikolai Håheim who is Norwegian champion and other well known names that didn’t make the A-Main!

Next week it’s time for some 1/10 Worlds and i hope i can be fighting for the podiums here as this is my main class! Let’s hope and see 😀

P.S, A huge shoutout to Jukka-Pekka Huhtala, he got the honor to build this track, it is well deserved for a good guy like Jupe!

//cya soon!

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