Setup Yokomo Bd7’16

hello again! I want to share a setup i used on this track here last weekend.  

It’s a very technical track, very tight in the chicanes proving to be extremely hard to get around. The track is slow paced comåaired to other tracks as the corners are so tight.

This setup worked great on friday practice and i was 2nd behind Viktor Wilck, so the car stayed unchanged for the most part of the weekend as i thought i would keep my pace for the whole weekend.

I used standard carbon chassis, topdeck, spool in front, i didn’t have steering liniters and i also didn’t use the shimming under the suspension holders. But i think i should have put on shims to make the car even better! 

I used 6000cst diff oil in the finals, and that made the car more easy to drive in my opinion. I used 5000cst before.

But i still didn’t have much rear grip for the later part of the race. So i think i will try a 450cst in the rear and try shimming under the susp holders and maybe have the grip i need to be able to get onpower faster on these smaller tracks.


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