Where’s Marc Rheinard new home?

Marc announced this weekend that ETS Round 1 of the 2016/2017 season will be his last for Tamiya Racing Factory. A 22 year old partnership and a legendary duo to this date, and unheard of in this industry with such loyalty between driver and company.

A new era will begin, as i doubt Marc will retire yet, he have much more to give and if he make a Rosberg to retire now, he shouldn’t.  

So, where will hos new home be at? I think he looks for a project as well as a great platform. 

Many people are already guessing where he’s going. Some speculate Yokomo, VBC or maybe Infinity.

It’s hard to tell, but i think the most interesting company’s are Associated or Infinity. What i understand, Infinity want’s to build one of the greatest brands in the world. They are hiring the best drivers around, and maybe they want that golden TRF era to flourish their company as well. They already have Jilles, Now they need Marc!

Another interesting option is Associated. A great company well established all around the world, they got the money, but not any world class 1/10 Touring drivers (except cavalieri) and they need one badly in my opinion. Great car the TC7, but it needs a great driver behind it to make any money of it. 

They could also need a european Associated driver alongside their european offroad team in the electric classes. 

I consider myself a fan of Marc and his great sportsmanship. Great driving and always fair in my opinion!

I wish him all the best for the future!

Feel free to leave a comment below where you think Marc will go next!

Best wishes//Fossto

Source pictures: Redrc.net

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