My 3rd Modified race ever was OK!

Saturday morning, i go up at 04.45 to begin my long drive to todays race! Hyped and nervous, i had a 2 hour drive until i arrived. 

Having practice couple of last the weekend before on the same track, i felt confident in my driving lines on this track.  

But i had truoble with getting my laptimes lower then 9.6xx ish. So i drove home, changed my suspension blocks in front to 4.2FF and FR3.5. Now, i felt it might give me the steering i needed to get down to 9.2xx laptimes Daniel Carlsson was driving. And boy was i right! 


Controlled practice starts and i could show i have the speed, but consistency i was unsure of as i was very tired and the car was still hard to drive!

Top 5 in practice was very close together, and it would stay that way in to qualifying as well! But i was very surprised to see myself as top seed! 

I really look up to all drivers i drive against, i see them as faster and more experienced than me. So, to me being the fastest, even if it’s just practice, it feels like a win! Becuse, these drivers are no ordinary people, they are monsters and incredibly skilled!


They would show me their superiorness in qualifying and kill me, I qualified 5th in the end.

Now, i felt something was wrong, maybe the car(one crashed into my rear on full throttle), maybe setup. But i did for sure sauce my tires too little, i needed to put on tire sauce even earlier to let it dry for longer. This would improve the time my car would stay consistent and give enough grip throughout the whole 5 minute session. 

That was a mistake by me and i realised this too late! 

Qualifying results top 5


This qualifying doesnt show the real story, as i had problems closer to the end of each qualifying run losing grip. I made small mistakes, and alot of them. This unfortunetly ruined my fellow competators qualifying heats as well. 3rd and 4th would suffer alot from me as we were in the fastest heat. And i was very sorry that i was so much in the way!

I never want to ruin others race or qualifying, but i made mistakes and couldn’t make it better in any way.



It was a crash fest! Some my fault, and some others fault. 

As i had figured out the saucing procedure, i gained a little confidence when the finals started. I could keep up with top 2 drivers quite easy if i pushed my limits. But before i could do that i had to pass two other cars.

A Final 1 was a mess after couple of turns, my fellow racer Fabian got a slide and his car slowed down a bit where you are supposed to accelerate, but i couldnt react in time and hit him. But i could keep going, but then Erik behind me tried to pass in a very hard spot. And we crashed there as well. I see this as a race incident as no one of us could do anything about it. 

I could end 3rd in A main 1, with luck and keep the car on all four wheels.

A Final 2 was eventful as well! I chased down Fabian again, and i waited for him to go wide or make a mistake. My chance came, and i took it, but he kept on throttle where i had nowhere to go wich was the on curbs. It ended with he drive into me, and i drove into him. Later i made a mistake and he could pass and make it 3rd i think. 

I passed qualifier nr6 on the last lap fair and square on the inside a couple of corners before the finish line.

A final 3 start goes, we all knew the boundaries by now, we all tried to drive carefully so won’t hit eachother. Well, this didn’t one person understand apparently. As i was trying to not hit Fabian as i was faster, Car nr6 hit me instead, even tho i was keeping the racing line.

Well, he didnt stop and wait. But i thought, ok no problem i will just drive faster and pass him again and pass Fabian as well. The time has come, i pass Car nr6, and then he push me over again. 

HE DIDN’T stop again, what the hell is he doing is my thought right now. As i tried to comeback again, it was too late, the leading 2 drivers was behind me and i let them through. In my attempt to make it back and maybe pass Car nr6 again, i made some mistakes and i DNF the race.

I was quite angry, i am not gonna lie, i had a potential 3rd place going for me if Fabian made a mistake. It would mean the world to me if i could bring home a 3rd place in my 3rd Modified race ever. 

I had a speak with starter nr6 afterwards, we where not on the same page apparently and i couldn’t understand how someone i looked up to could be that nonchalant and rude to me. I even told him i was very disapointed in him and that you don’t drive like the way he did! He have many many more years of experience behind him then i have, and he still acts that way? I didn’t think that was OK.

End results top 10 

For me, i will forget this and keep going strong forward, next time i will qualify ahead of these people and i will try my hardest to beat them as fair i can, becuse that is how i roll!

Thanks for reading! //Next time!

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