Prizemoney, no spec class?

I see on various news sites that many organizers begins to give their winners prizemoney.

I think that is wonderful news! I have told people for a while that the organizers and other important people in the industry should start looking at optional prizes for races and events.

I feel like the industry is slowly dying becuse of the effort put in these cars, but nothing in return. We all should be happy that we could keep going like this with no real motivational tool from the begining!

Now, the point is, why are we struggling at the moment in the industry? When thinking about the amount of competators for races, it has decreased the last couple of years. But some companys and drivers wonder why. But i think it’s pretty easy to undrstand!


If we look at normal people’s daily life, it involves work and money much more then ever before! We are heavily stressed and we think about money more and more during the day. We are humans, and studies shows that humans ALWAYS choose the money rewarding option rather then the fun option.

Why would prizemoney affect the industry? Well, just take a look at drones, poker etc. These sport’s offer prizemoney, and they are VERY popular! They have this “carrot” that makes people go like “wow, i can have fun, and still earn back my money!” And in many cases they earn so much they can have these sports as full-time jobs.

I don’t think the r/c car industry should offer prizemoney that exceed 3000dollars the coming years, unless they can afford it.

Prizemoney should only be offered in Modified classes, and not spec classes! Skill and practice should be rewarded where it belongs! Or else people will drive spec classes and get “easy money”. Becuse, let’s be honest, spec drivers are not as skilled as modified drivers the majority of the time.

But in smaller races i think only hundred dollars could get this carusell spinning and the word would spread and people get this “carrot” they need to keep racing or to get started. Many people don’t even bother becuse they won’t get anything back, so they just turn away and forget about r/c cars, even if they liked what they saw. The “carrot” is needed here!

This is very important to look at RIGHT NOW!  If we want to keep expanding this fantastic hobby&sport!

I think we really need to take a look at our industrys marketing strategies and prizes to keep this boat floating. Not only is prizemoney acting as a carrot, but the marketing followed for each race is hugely inportant! I would like to say that, the responsibility is in the companys and race organizers hands. And they need to do much more!

EDIT: many people say that, even if we have prizemoney, it will still be the same people winning. Both yes and no, why only give prizes to top 3 drivers? Why not the top 5 or top 10? I think that argument is not good enough to even argue over. Even if you are not top 10, the chances that you even try is that you feel you are good enough and aiming higher in the future or you are just there to have fun anyway! It´s a win/win situation!


We need this, and they do as well!


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