What could i do?

The aftermath from my dissapointing raceweekend is still holding on… I am quite frustrated by my own mistake but as well as my lack of experience in couple of things regarding 1:10 Touring cars.

I atleast have some things foing for me! And that is the understanding of setups and the cars overall handling charachteristics!

I feel like, despite my experience, i can bring out quite a lot of my cars potential. This showed last weekend when i was faster the whole weekend than another really fast Yokomo BD7’16 driver, Daniel Carlsson. 

He is a very experienced driver with many wins, podiums and championships titles. So the be able to be faster than him, in my books are awesome. But he is probably still a better driver, the rest of the season will tell!


Last sunday i made a visit at my nearest track for onroad, there i was telling myself that i should be atleast as fast as i was on raceday a week ago. But hey, i wasnt that fast at all. I have heard many rumors that this track is very dependent on temperature in the carpet. This may be tha case as i struggled doing average 10.6xx laptimes, but when raceday i could easily do average 10.5xx.

As you can see in the video, car is just planted and goes like a missile!

I was confident in the car and i even called out young supertalent Team Serpent driver Fabian Vernersson for a deathrace!

He was driving the Serpent 4-X, and i have to say, it looks really planted in any situation!



I am really happy my euqipment this year, i have nothing to complain about and just keep pushing my own boundries!! I am also really happy about my local track wich have talented drivers, i get great benchmarks every time i am there and see how i do against top level drivers!

I learn alot everytime and adding VRC PRO into the mix, i think it’s a goldmine when it comes to info and skill!


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