My racing is over…

Maybe not that dramatic, but my bad luck AND inexperience in Modified class denied me (possibly) a great race this weekend. 

My lack of experience showed and i didnt buy the parts needed for my special car. So i had to end my day watching from the side.

I did get in 9 Laps in Practice until my rear beltdrive shredded and i didnt have any spares as i own a new car. And the ONLY one that was faster then me was multiple Swedish Champion Markus Hellquist. This was also his hometrack, wich showed when he nailed the setup for this carpet they use the last 10 years or so.

I did set a goal this weekend, and that was to tone down my ambition to be the best racer i can possibly become, if i couldn’t keep up with the fastest in this country. But i think this practice result tells me very much. And that is to keep striving to be the best and keep aiming for that top step on the podium. And i will do so and come to next race even more prepared!

You can never forget that i am racing against some of the fastest drivers in the World, the pressure is high!

Great win by Markus, but a bummer that i couldn’t start the race i have been waiting and hyped for the whole summer!


Next race will be in 3 weeks (thank you r/c god!) so i dont have to wait so long until then! 

//Lesson learned, bring parts, or the most unexpected will break//

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