3D Modeling!

exciting news! Atleast for me haha.  

I finally got my hands on a 3D modeling program called Solidworks. With this i have begun sketching some stuff. But so far nothing is done yet.

What i want to do to my old Serpent is to lower the CG overall. So i made a checklist to do.

  • Completely new chassi design.
  • Redseign motormount making into a smaller piece and motor further in the middle to make better balance left/right
  • Redesign the whole shocktower and shocktower mounts to make lower CG.
  • Lower geardiff, front spool and middle spurgear for lowest CG.
  • Redesign Floating servo.
  • Maybe floating battery mount.
  • Xray T4 low shocks

So thats the work progress so far, next is to measure everything stock, becuse i still use many of the same Serpent parts and holes the stock chassi have!

This wont be any game breaking design in any way, but maybe in the future i am able to make my own cars. But at the moment i need to test what works and what not


For me this is extremely exciting becuse it is one dream ihave developed since i understood i will never be a fast driver, but maybe i can use my head to make better cars then anyone in the far future.

//Need goals in life, if not, you are dead inside//

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