Why is E-Sport so popular?

Hello there! It has been a while. Not much happening in the r/c world from my point of view. While i’m aiming for nationals 2016, i came up with an interesting thought. 
Why is E-Sport so popular?  As you might know, E-Sport is a organized event were you compete in computer or console games. These games vary from FPS shooter games to racing cars on the greatest tracks around the world!

The most popular games are by far the FPS shooters and the MOBA’s. Unlike the racing games like Assetto Corsa, they don’t race cars in these games. In the FPS games the have pistol like weapons to shoot a target and try to eliminate the opposing team. It’s common that these teams include 5 players in each team. 

In MOBA’s, the most common theme is a fantasy world with strange creatures wich often have different powers depending of wich race they are from, like fairy’s or witches etc. And the goal is similar to the FPS games were you try to eliminate the other team or try to catch something to gain points.
Now you know a little about the most popular games out there. But still, why is it so popular? I think there is something about supernatural creatures or the fantasy world that humans like. Since the introduction of super heroes with superpowers people have been addicted to reading comics, movies, books etc. We like the mysterys that comes with the unnatural powers described and showed in the games.

I think these things combined in video games makes it more appealing, especially the younger audience, that also want to experience the perfect world were they can control anything they want.


As some games fulfill our needs of fantasy’s and a perfect world, there is another great point to be made in the gaming world, economy.

Like i said before in older posts, VRC PRO is the most convinient and economoly sim out there that’s related to R/C Racing. I myself use it alot to practice and dont need to drive far away.  

There is a great advantage in both practice and economy. Even the F1 and Le Mans racers practice is simulators to keep them sharp and learn new tracks around the world.

I myself have been at the top level of Sim racing and VRC Pro, and being able to practice in such environment that is so close to reality, it really makes you more skilled to a high degree!

This really helps a lot, and many people strive to play the most realistic game out there. Games that are supposed to be realistic are called Simulators. 

Simulators come in different shapes, racing sims, plane sims or helicopter sims. Like i said before, sims are a great way to practice for reality and makes the transition from inexperienced to more experienced. Today simshave a huge part of many peoples lives as their work situation might depend on it.


Games, sims, everything virtual have a great advantage both for professionals and amateurs.

But in 2016, the growth of professionalism in certain games have grown so big that, players get 5 digit salarys or more per year. 

As Esport’s is growing, it get’s more and more mainstream acceptance. This makes it easier for parents to let their kids continue gaming and aim for the top and, maybe, one day a great job. 


Esports have both a economical advantage to reality, and fuels our brains with great fantasy worlds. Or FPS games, wich gives us something to focus on while we have nothing to do.

So we could say that games is great for us, or what do you think? Tell us in the comments section!

P.S sorry for bad english!

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