Since my last race about 3 weeks back, i crashed my car in final 2 after difficulties in the sparepart department from the practice rounds.

Now when i have moved to my new house, i can finally start prepping my car for more outdoor fun! On the list is to order some parts for the differential that stripped the gears and other things i need to be sure to not DNF another race!

Undfortunately not much r/c related stuff happening at the moment as i have my goal set on Nationals this summer and try to make a top 5 result. This will be extremely hard to do, but i have shown quite a pace outdoors, so maybe i can make it work!

My other hobbies have been a little more popular lately at my house with much Gaming going, such as CS:GO (Global Elite now) TCG card games and fun stuff like that!  

//see you soon and hopefully better updates then!

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