The plans for 2016 Season!

My thougths of the year 2016 was to learn as much as possible, who knows when i get this chance again? So far 2016 has been beyond my expectations and i am flying on the tracks this year. 

Going from 2016 Stock champion, i start my outdoor season in modified extremely well, and i dont think my fellow competators saw my speed coming so soon in modified as i had a rough start indoors in this class. 

My goal for this summer is to end up top 5 at this years National Championship race. Fortunately the venue that are host’s this year is about an hour away from my house, so that’s very good for me! 

This race will be in August, so hopefully i can get alot of testing on the track before the event. I expect Swedens finest drivers to be there and it will be really hard to come even close top 10. But my goal stands, and a top 5 finish, i would see that as a great achivement!

After the outdoor season, i aim to get good results indoor on carpet in Modified class as well. So many hopes and dreams, let’s see if any comes true.  

Now, back to ordering spare part’s for my amazing new race kit ;D


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