Worst race ever!!

like i announced the other day, i barely made the registration date for this race as it wasn’t planned at first. And now i know why.

Practice on friday went well with nice weather and mediocre grip level. My best time was 17.1 wich is ok speed.

Saturday practice starts, i put in a solid CP2 wich gave me a good feeling for the day and i was leading the practice runs.

Today it was cold and the asphalt was 12celsius wich is very low, but i could manage a very fast run and my best laptime was 17.429. The car was great after changing shock oil from 500cst to 450cst overnight.  Qualifying starts and hell breaks loose! I manage on lap in Q1, and the car just stops on the straight. Ok, thats weird, so me and my very kind fellow racers started thinking what’s wrong. We checked diff and other driveline parts, but couldn’t find anything unusual. So i hoped it was a screw or a stone that got stuck as one of my fellow racers was in front of me lost a screw and i hoped it was that screw that got stuck.

So Q2 starts, as i begin warming up my diff, i felt right away, the diff was broken!

And to all this, i don’t have any spares for the diff! When i was going to order a new diff, the item had sold out. So i had to build something out of a frankenstein book, and could manage to put in a Serpent 4.0 diff and drive belt. 

So A1 was up and try to put this to test. It worked! It wasnt good or fast, but i could atleast drive it! Unfortunately i crashed in a1 start with a fellow racer that didnt react to the starting sound 😦

So i had to cancel my run in A1.

A2 i was really pumped and hoped that i could manage a top 3 finish this weekend. Start goes off i can pass 2 cars on the first lap. On lap 4 or 5 i was behind 3rd and 4th. They were fighting and i saw my chance. But i could pass one car quite fast. The other car was giving me a hard time for 2-3 laps as he, Fabian Vernersson, kept blocking the inner line. But i studied him and knew he was braking late, so i just put my car in regular racing line this time. And he brakes way to late and i could pass quite easy. Now i was 3rd and i just wanted to keep 3rd as 2nd was quite ahead of us. 

I started driving safe, but not too safe to not loose heat in the tires. But 30 seconds left of A2, my car just went sideways for no real reason and i had to cancel this final too. A sad day for as i could only get in one 5min, wich was practice 😦


More races to come, and i learned alot this weekend. But i felt weird not even fighting for the podium when i clearly could battle for the podium already in practice. My practice run would have been p2 in qualifying wich makes me sad. This is my second time outdoors, but i really wanted to see how i could do with this speed i had. 

A big thanks to Göran Persson for giving me valueable tips for asphalt racing, Andreas Johansson for lending me his diff and Fabian Vernersson and his dad for get me new tires and giving me a nice fight on the track!

Also huge thanks to Staffanstops HS for a great facillity! One of the best in Sweden!


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