Surprise race!

I didnt even plan this race, but on wednesday i decided i wanted to race this weekend. So i put in a fast order of tires and then on the road driving 300km!

Beutiful track!  

This is my old hometrack when i was driving 1:5 Largescale. This is about 7 years ago since last time.

Today friday it was time for some practice. Still very unprepared and pretty much no experience of asphalt racing.

So this practice was really helpful to get to know the track and get more outdoor experience. But i open up practice really good and was fast from the get go.

My best laptime from today was 17:109, this is a ok laptime if i compare it to top drivers Viktor Wilck andAlexander Hagberg from Swedish Nationals 2014. Their laptimes was 16:5xx.

So i need to make better laptimes, but i am unsure if i should go down to 450cst instead of 500cst. I think i will try it tomorrow and hopefully it works.

//Thanks for reading!

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