Setup Yokomo Bd7 2016

here it comes!

I forgot to add that there are 5grams on each side in the front and 0.2 shims under top deck for different flex!

This setup was quite good, very stable and easy to drive. I only want more steering without upsetting the rear of the car.
The reason behind the changes was that 5g in front makes the front more stable. The shimming under top was to help the chassis flex more, when i drove first run i noticed right away that the chassis didn’t flex as much as i wanted. The car just hooked in every corner and made the rear slide. So the shimming worked great for that reason.

One funny thing i noticed was that Nicholas Lee’s setup he posted to petitrc was very similar to this, but the track he was driving at was prepped and high grip.

Enjoy and test this setup, feel free to tell me what you think about it. 


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