BIG update!

At last my awaited second time outdoors is finished this time, also a premiere with the new car Yokomo Bd7 2016!

Many first’s today, first time with tire warmers, 4,5 motor, new car etc.

But wow what a day! Everything just kept on going and could focus on things like setup and my driving.

I started mostly with a standard 2015 setup. This worked okey, but needed some minor tweaks. One thing i noticed right away was that i had way to little flex. So i shimmed top deck with 0,2mm. This worked wonders and stopped the rear sliding to a point and could have full steering.

But a little to much sliding, so i put on slf spring PINK, standard is silver, but solver felt way too soft and kept sliding. As the grip level was low my choice was to go harder springs along with 500cst oil. Next time i will try 450cst oil.

As you can see my laptime was quite good despite low grip today. And according to locals the grip will go up much more. And then the goal laptime should be around 15,3-4 ish. 

And i am happy to be quite much faster than local super driver Fabian Vernersson, wich are Team Serpent driver as well. My best was 2 tenths faster then his, but his average laptimes was about 4-5 tenths of mine. So the car works really well and very consistent.

You can see him driving in this video.

Conclusion of the day, i am extremely happy with the new car and my own driving. Feels like outdoor racing is more my thing and fits my driving style wich is smooth. 

I will post a setup during the week and hopefully it helps someone!

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