I am frustrated…..

there are many things happening right now in my life, me and my fiancée will be moving to a house, and much studying becuse i’m planning to become a teacher.

So, these things are fine, but my r/c situation is not! My local tracks are all closed, and this frustrate me very much! I want to race, talk with fellow racers and have a blast like usual.

It’s late April, but we should have opened all tracks for the season by now. Apparently not…..

I want to help with things like opening the track for both me and visitors to enjoy, but apoarently i can’t do that becuse of too new membership in the club. But when will they ever open then?

My new club Vetlanda RRC wasnt what i thought it was. There is no one ever on the track, even no one there when scheduled open track time. And when the weather is super nice, with other clubs i could count on atleast one person on the track ripping it up. But here, nope, weather doesnt count, or even schedule.

This frustrates me, here i am with a new BD7, can’t try it becuse it is way too far away for the closest outdoor track.

Does people rather play around on facebook then actually go outside and race some r/c cars and have a blast doing it? Apparently so……


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