The blog 2016!

since i have been blogging more and more the visitors have increased, and i am glad to see and hear from you that you like my posts!

As i have said in a earlier posts, this blog is mainly for my own to look back at things like setups and events that i can keep forever here on this blog.

But i have a habit wanting to help others get into this sport or help drivers in other ways. One is to post setups i have found to be good. Sure, there is many setups on petitrc. But i try to explain what the changes did afterwards and i think this help people in some way, even if it’s just a little.

So i am happy to help others, and others to help me, that’s very much of this community and why we keep doing it. I am grateful to all kind words i have got and will keep writing and posting for both me and you to enjoy!

Unfortunate, we in Sweden have not started the outdoor season, but if i am lucky with weather this weekend, maybe i can have a nice premiere outside with the new BD7!


As usual, i am practicing at home with VRC-Pro.

They have a couple of competitons each week with really fast drivers. Very fun when you need to be on your toes everytime you hit the track wich makes it very competative. Unfortunately i am a driver that just brings my A-Game when competening in reality at real races. So i struggle with these “alone practice” configuration they have in these competitions. 

This week we are driving on IFMAR 1:12 Worlds track in Bangkok.  

But i have felt an uprise in these matters and getting more comfortable with just”practice”. But somehow, everytime i start doing a real run for a competition in the game, i get really nervous! I dont know why, but i shake during the whole session! But in real life i dont at all, it’s so weird for me to be shaking like that.


After some massive hunt for a fast setup wich i couldn’t find until after qualifying, this week i could finally take my first and honest TQ spot in front of young super talent Barnabas Toth. This young-gun is a great force in hungary in both off-road and on-road classes. He have won alot of races in Hungary and even qualified in a couple of top 10 ETS Stock races, so he is really fast! So i am quite proud to also have Hungary blood in me from my grandfather wich have pushed me to become as good as i can in things i love to do! Great Hungary spirit 😀


I am home sick right now and very excited for coming outdoor season, i will enjoy watching some good r/c videos ^_^’

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