BD7 Madness is here!

So i got a nice package from hong kong, it contained this below

Becuse i need new ESC’s as my V3.1 is not working as it should. I decided to try a new brand called Skyrc.

So it came two Skyrc Toro TS120 with alu case, a charger and the program box. I got these soldered, and it worked fine. Easy to solder on the cables and nice sounding when starting it.

But one thing i noticed immediatley was that this is probably exactly the same ESC as the Trackstar ESC i reviewed earlier this week. Just some small differences in settings.

So now the BD7 is done and everything is ready to go! I’m really excited to try it outdoors. 

I will try a standard setting for asphalt from BD7’15 setup sheets, should work similar!


Except for some building, i have practiced some on the PC and try to get faster. While i feel i am better then before, i have always been faster outdoors then indoors. Probably becuse of the size and smoothness needed for racing outdoors wich fits me perfectly.

While this qualifying was tight, i had much more speed in me, but becuse of my low blood pressure i cant stand still for a longer period without moving. But i still move IRL on the driversstand, not much but apparently enough to relax my muscles so i am not too tense.

So i have a bad habit at home to become much slower near the 4 min mark becuse of that problem. So you learn alot about yourself as well when driving at home!

//more to come!

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