2016 is getting extremely competative!

With this weekend’s Euro Touring Series we get to see extremely talented people figthing for the wins. And this is so fun to see so many drivers figthing for the top positions, especially last ETS race where we had world champions in C-final! 

At the moment, i love the trend r/c have in chassis design and the amount of time and investment factorys make in their production pushing the limits of their designs.

Serpent for example are testing their new revolutionary design along side other new designs as Tamiya419X, Schumacher Mi6, Awesomatix A800A or the proven to be strong, Yokomo BD7.

I love it, it feels like 2016 will become a year to watch and follow everything related to Electric Touring cars. And not to forget the drivers of 2016, really making themselves a name for each race and bring us surprised in terms of great performance.  


Along this years awesome ETS and other major races, VRC PRO brings more and more pro drivers into their rosters. And this is making the different class series more competative then ever. More and more drivers are getting closer to maximize the simulator and put VRC World champions on their knees.

For myself, i have good days, and when i have bad days i could be very slow. But at the moment i have managed to keep a consistent form. I can have really bad runs, but in terms of laptimes i am there if not even faster, Just have to eliminate mistakes. 

1/10 TC MOD


When it comes to real life driving, in sweden we are exactly in the transition of indoor racing to outdoor racing. And i am still building my BD7 and waiting for the Asphalt racing to begin. I am stoked to try my new TC. I have driven twice outdoors before. So it will be exciting to try it again. 

Thanks for reading! // 

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