Serpent 4-X videos

As this car is begining to pop up i would like to share the videos i recorded of the new prototype from Serpent, even some say it will be released this summer???

This car have no shock oil what i could see when it appeared at SSIC Finale 2016, the same race i won Stock class series in aswell.

Picture credit to: Heretic at rctech forum. 
1. white car/Viktor Wilck 2. green/white Matkus Hellquist 3.Green car Marc Fischer

here is a slow-motion video as well!

as you can see Marc and Wilck’s cars are handling very different. Wilck’s car is sliding much more then Marc’s car. i guess they where still trying out different setups. one thing that was different then other cars was that with this new prototype you can drive very aggressive and still not traction roll. now i think fischer did just that, but i think he pushed it so hard he flipped the car later in the race.

very interesting car indeed!

Out/still serpent driver in stock 😛

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